Simple Steps For Improving Your Home Exterior

home exterior

Whether you’re trying to boost the resale value of your property, or want to make the exterior of your home more aesthetically pleasing for your own enjoyment, then follow this simple step guide to improve the way your home looks on the outside. To start with, stand outside and truly assess what you might need to change, tweak, or completely replace. Look firstly for yourself, and then ask the opinion of those who live next to you, or close friends who you know will be honest with you. You can then begin to fix anything which is broken and find ways of transforming the elements of your home that you can’t immediately tweak or fix.

Replace Tired Window Frames

Start by inspecting the outside window frames to check for signs of wear and tear, and weathered rotten wood. Windows are often referred to as the eyes of the home, so make sure that they’re clear, clean, and in good working order. The viewing eye is drawn to reflective surfaces, and windows are often first to be seen by an outside observer. Consider contacting Timber Windows Direct to update your windows with attractive and highly functional sash windows that should improve your home exterior tenfold.

Porch Lighting

Porch lighting can make your home appear warm and inviting. Having two solar panel lights either side of your porch or doorway can improve the appearance of your house, as can planting shrubbery either side of the doorway. Symmetrically placed decoration will make the exterior of your home appear more attractive from the outside.

Mow The Lawn

Mowing the lawn and neatening up flower beds and borders will add a polished appearance to the exterior of your home. Mowing the lawn is a simple action, and yet so instrumental in making your property appear well cared for and healthy. Aim to mow your lawn once a week, and avoid cutting it too short as this can cause damage. Sprinkle grass seed where there are patches, and water thoroughly.

Use A Pressure Washer

If your home is painted, then give it a fresh new coat of paint. You can complete this job in the space of one day. Use a pressure washer to loosen and remove grime and dirt on the surface of bricks and paving stones outside your home. Check out Hotsy Equipment Company to score some great deals. You can use this washer on your driveway and patio as well. Be careful when you’re cleaning in-between tiles, as the mortar and cement can be blasted away if the pressure is too great. Furthermore, it is also no secret that extreme weather conditions such as ice, snow, and hail can all damage the outside of your property and your driveway. With this in mind, if you live in an area where cold weather is a regular occurrence, you might want to consider investing in a heavy duty snow shovel that you can use when the ice and snow arrives.

Sweep The Leaves

Be ready with a rake and a brush to sweep up any fallen leaves which appear on your driveway, lawn, and garden path. If you have a large tree that obstructs how much natural light is able to flood in through your windows, then consider contacting a tree surgeon and having it cut down or at least stripped back. In some cases, you must contact your council to be granted permission before felling a tree. This is to make sure that you’re not in breach of conservation laws during nesting season.

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