Simple Solutions For Beauty & Skincare Woes

greasy hair

There’s no point being patronizing: it’s not possible to fix all the things you dislike about your body in one fell swoop. You know that, too – most of us have trained ourselves not to react to the idea of a “one fits all!” solution for beauty woes.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t do something about them to lessen the impact. Life is too short to spend much time fretting about the areas we don’t like; especially when we all have them. Perfect, poreless skin is only ever going to be found after a heavy dose of airbrushing; hair will always tangle or go greasy at the roots; sometimes, no matter what you do, mascara will fall. We all have those little beauty annoyances that draw our focus from where it should be – the positive – and into the negative – but you can fight back.

Loose Skin

From the upper arms to the dreaded turkey neck, loose and sagging skin is often thought to be the reserve of the older generation – but it can happen at any age. It could be due to sun damage, weight loss, or just plain old bad luck – but no one wants to have to deal with it.


  • Topical creams containing mild stimulants such as caffeine have been shown to be beneficial.
  • Wearing a constrictive garment for several hours a day can help. Tubular bandages most commonly used for injury are the easiest way to achieve this and help your skin look more youthful.
  • Using a collagen supplement can help boost skin elasticity.

Thin, Greasy Hair

We all want the long, luscious locks that we see on our favorite celebrities – forgetting that most celeb ‘dos tend to be being inflated with extensions or wigs. There’s no doubt that lifeless, greasy hair can make you feel under the weather even when you’re not – so tackling such a basic becomes a focus.


  • Use a water softener in your shower head to prevent buildup from hard chemicals in the hair.
  • Try a clarifying shampoo once a week. These can be quite drying, so always make sure you follow it up with a deep conditioning treatment to the lengths of hair.
  • You may be tempted to try the “no shampoo” method. It’s often suggested by those who insist washing your hair strips it of oils and makes it greasier in the long run. While somewhat true, this isn’t true for everyone – some of us just do have greasy hair that needs daily shampooing! So try to listen to what your hair needs – and if that’s daily washing, so be it.

Makeup Falling Into Fine Lines

If you’re over the age of 21, then fine lines will begin to be a feature in your beauty regime. And by “feature”, it’s more “relentless source of annoyance and irritation” – especially when your foundation and concealer sink right in and make the lines look worse than they were before you began!


  • Good primer is essential to combating this. Use silicone-based primers; makeup artists in particular swear by the spray versions.
  • Start with a thin coverage that you can then build up rather than aiming for a single layer.
  • Using sponge applicators like the cult Beauty Blender can provide a better finish over fine lines, especially if you have a tendency to be heavy with application.

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