Simple Hairstyles For Short Hair

short hairstyles

Having short hair can have lots of benefits compared to long hair in various aspects. First, if you have long hair, you will have to spend more time on their care in order to ensure everything remains okay. In addition, Long hair can even interfere with your daily life and work. Short hair on the other hand isn’t as demanding in maintenance as long hair. Generally, most women out there struggle to achieve long hair due to a misconception that short hair has got very limited hairstyles while this is not necessarily true.

The truth however is that even ladies with short hair have got various options when it comes to hairstyles they can wear. Plus the advantages that come with the various hairstyles available for short hair are just perfect and great! Short hairstyles usually look cute and neat.

Thinking of cutting your hair short and still left undecided about which hairstyle you will use on your short hair, especially when the occasion calls to having something ‘done’?

Here in this article, we take you through ten super simple hairstyles for short hair that you can rely on to improve your overall look:

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  1. The Bantu knots

This hairstyle is perfectly good for you if your hair is even shorter and it looks great on African hair. The shorter your hair, the smaller the knots you will make on your hair with this hairstyle. Celebrity Lupita Nyong’o once appeared in one of her movies wearing the Bantu knots hairstyle and her look was spectacular. If you wish to have longer Bantu knots you can still use hair extensions to make the knots bigger. Read up on Canada hair reviews when looking for hair extensions to add length to your style. Of course, if your natural hair is not too short, you will not have to apply extensions to achieve more length.

2. The layered haircut

Most people assume that the layered hairstyles are only perfect for ladies with long hair but this is further from the truth. Layered haircuts also look elegant on ladies who have shorter hair as long as they are done well. Layers are great because of the detailed attention they give. Putting layers on your short hair helps to boost the hair volume as well the thickness, which is preferred by most women who have cut their hair short.

Another advantage of layers is the fact that they offer a variety of styles and this gives you the option of creating your own layers that you like. With layers, you can easily go for the blunt choppy end or even the thin feathers depending on your preference

3. The Pixie hairstyle

Another great hairstyle for short hair is the pixie cut which helps to give you a bold and confident image. If you are keen on following celebrities you will realize that those who have cut their hair short usually go for the pixie style to help things look great!

4. The Short braids

If you have short hair and thought that you can’t braid your hair then you got it all wrong. Short braids are a perfect hairstyle for ladies with short hair that will help to accentuate your overall beauty.

5. The twist out

If you have shorter hair you could as well try smaller twists on your hair as this will help to create a stunning textured look. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can be done on almost any hair length as long as you do everything right from the beginning.

6. The Faux-Hawk hairstyle

This is yet another great hairstyle that is perfect for ladies with shorter hair and the advantage of it is that it makes you look chic and confident. You don’t need as much length with this style to pull a surprise on your admirers. Get a hairstylist and ask for this hairstyle to be done on your short hair and you definitely will find the outcome quite interesting for you in the end.

7. The simple side part

This is yet another perfect short hairstyle that can be used by any woman out there with short hair. It looks bomb and can perfectly be achieved in the shortest time. During the summer, it can be combined with a vibrant colour to help highlight a dazzling look!

8. The flat twist

You can achieve these even with very short hair and still pull a very chick look that will make your peers become envious of you. They can be done simply or made to be complex depending on the hairstylist working on you!

9. The Finger coils

This style also looks great on short hair although you will need to put in the time and it needs some patience as well.

10. Short hair curl pattern style

This involves curling your short hair in order to look fabulous and elegant. It is a very common hairstyle for ladies with short hair that you can try.

Final thoughts

Having short hair does not have to restrict you in terms of the styles that you can wear it in. If anything, it gives you some truly funky and spectacular looks without the hassle of long hair getting in the way. Which of these hairstyles will you try out today?

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