Silk satin maxi dresses for any figure

Maxi Dresses

When you don’t feel comfortable wearing a short dress or when it gets a bit colder you might as well wear a long maxi dress. You can wear it on hot days but also on colder days. And the best part, maxi dresses are perfect for any figure. I don’t think there has been a season that the maxi dress was out of style. Choose a graceful maxi dress with a pair of sandals when you go to the beach or when you go for a dinner add some high heels. You can find the best maxi dresses on StyleWe Do you know what maxi dress would be best for your figure? Read on to find out.

maxi dresses

Straight figure
If you have an athletic straight figure you can create more volume with ruffles. It helps to optically make you look fuller. It’s also better to choose a maxi dress with graphic prints and bright colors.

Peer figure
If you have a pear figure it’s best to accentuate your waist with a long dress and a belt.  Your upper body is slim so focus on your waistline.

Apple figure
If you have big breasts with slender legs and narrow hips an a-line maxi dress would look best on you and will balance your figure.

Hourglass figure
When you have an hourglass figure you can wear any maxi dress you like, if you want to accentuate your waist wear a nice belt. StyleWe has a huge selection of satin maxi dresses to choose from.

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