Signs You’re Ready To Move Out Of The City

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Living in the city is exciting. There’s nothing like it and it’s an experience many people cherish for the rest of their lives. Even though it has many positives, it’s not for everyone. It’s up to you to decide where you fall in the spectrum.

You aren’t the person you were when you moved to the city. You’ve changed, grown, started a family and have different priorities. Be honest with yourself about how you feel living in the hustle and bustle. Start listing the pros and cons and seeing where the new you sides. See signs you’re ready to move out of the city.

You Prefer Nature over Nightlife

If you’re more excited to go out to the swimming pool than you are the nightclub, then it’s likely you’re ready for a smaller town. The apartments near LaGrange, GA offer amenities ranging from resort style pools, playgrounds and fitness centers to a dog run. The Valley Community Center and Sportsplex is within walking distance of both properties. If this sounds more like the home you would prefer, then it’s a good idea you’re thinking about leaving the city.

You Prefer Lower Costs over Expense

Living in the city is expensive. There’s no way around it. If you’re ready for cheaper prices and more reasonable bills, then the suburbs is where you want to be. Saving money is difficult when you’re consistently spending it in the city. There’s so much to do and experience that it’s hard not to. Shopping, schools and your mortgage or rent will be realistic. You’ll probably find you’re able to save more and have extra cushion for emergencies.

You Prefer Quiet over Noise

The city is beautiful, but it’s also loud. There are a lot of people, lights and sounds always going on. Moving out of the city will provide you with more peace and quiet. You’ll be able to see the stars at night and your kids will fall asleep without having to listen to horns honking. It may feel strange at first, but you’ll get used to the lower noise levels. This may be a culture shock to you, so be sure you’re going to a place that has enough people and action to keep you preoccupied.

You Prefer Convenience over Traffic

Getting from place to place isn’t easy in the city. Oftentimes it takes multiple trains, busses or traffic jams to reach your destination. Convenience is a big reason people like living outside of the big city. You can hop in your car and get to where you’re going within minutes. There’s easy, free parking and you don’t have to deal with a lot of people. Traffic is a nightmare in bustling cities and it’s a big reason not a lot of people who live there own cars.


The city has the ability to suck you in and keep you for a long period of time. Be honest with yourself when you get the itch to leave and be aware of the indicators. These are signs you’re ready to move out of the city.

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