Sick of Waxing and Shaving? Laser Hair Removal is your new Savior

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Professional hair removal using laser treatment can be pretty expensive. Laser treatment is very effective and you can get quick and efficient results. However, the process needs expertise and you need to go to a dermatologist to get it done, as the equipment required is quite expensive.

Effective and Least Invasive Laser hair removal at home is the least invasive of all treatments and offers a more permanent solution. Today, there are many options available for laser hair removal at home at a comparatively cheaper cost. It results in hairlessness for a long time. However, you need a few sittings or treatments to get a clean and complete removal. The alternative is to use the DIY kits available in the market. It is less painful when compared to waxing.

How it Works

The laser light changes to heat when passing through the skin. The hair follicle absorbs the heat and this damages it and inhibits the growth. Cosmetic layers have settings that you can adjust according to the hair or skin type. The concentrated light focuses on the pigment of the hair follicles and kills it from the root, so that they don’t grow back.

DIY Kits There are many DIY kits for laser hair removal at home. These are very similar to the ones you will find at a professional dermatologist’s clinic. The first such hair removal product was launched in Japan in the year 2005 and later it was launched in the USA in the year 2008.

Dos and Don’ts

The technology of using laser for hair removal has surely but steadily moved into the home. However, there are many types of devices and you need to select the right one, according to your skin type. You can shave before laser treatment, but you cannot wax the skin, as the laser has to find the root in order to kill it. You may also need a touch up in the beginning. Also, many of the home DIY laser devices will not work for a very dark tone of skin. Benefits of Home Devices There are some people who are afraid of using devices for laser hair removal at home. These are called home lasers, which make use of IPL or Intense Pulsed Light. While buying one, make sure to select a device that is FDA approved.

The popular laser devices for home use make use of the same technology as the one used by the professional dermatologists and in beauty salons. Most of the devices used for laser hair removal at home beep if the machine is safe for your skin and then they unlock, as they come with a built in sensor that senses skin tone.

Digital Interface and Settings

Many of the DIY home laser hair removal devices come with excellent digital interface. You can select the strength of your choice. It seems to be a good idea to begin with the lowest of the settings. You can read the instructions to know how many pulses are required for the specific area of the skin. The higher intensity or higher levels do give quicker results and you could reach the desired hair free position much sooner.

The design on these devices is also very ergonomic and you can easily maneuver it. The size of the head is also quite small, so you can target or focus it on small areas accurately. The devices are also quite strong and can last you several years, before you purchase another kit.

Top Product Picks

Here are a few good laser hair removal devices.

  1. Remington iLight Ultra
  2. Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X
  3. Silk’n Flash & Go
  4. Bellalite by Silk’N
  5. Silk/N SN 002 Sensepil

All over Handheld Last Word Laser hair removal at home using DIY devices can offer you effective hair removal that lasts a long time. It is less expensive than going to the salon or the dermatologist to get your body hair removed. It gets rid of stubborn hair but you may need a few sittings or treatments in order to make all the hair go away. You will find that the areas of the skin that were treated with laser will have less dense hair to begin with.

With repeated treatment, the hair follicles will stop growing completely and then you only need to add a touch up from time to time. When all the hair follicles become disabled, they will not grow again. You may need this kind of laser hair removal at home treatment for about 5 to 8 times, and treat the skin area about once in two weeks.

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