Should we all consider changing our diet preference?

For a large percentage of the population a varied diet of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables are amongst some of the main food types we consume on a daily basis. Our bodies need a balanced diet full of nutrients including healthy fats and protein, but many people believe this can be achieved without the consumption of animal products.

In time gone by certain diet pretences were mainly chosen due to health reasons, but as the population across the US and the globe become more conscious of the environment and sustainability; ethical reasons are now propelling people to change the foods they consume.

Vegetarian and vegan diets are now two of the most popular preferences, with veganism rocketing in the amount of people opting to follow not only the diet, but the wider lifestyle it also brings. With more and more people deciding to cut meat out of their diet and opting for plant-based diets, is it something we should all consider?

What are the benefits of choosing a plant-based diet?

One of the main reasons why veganism is becoming so popular is due to the impact it has on the environment. People following a vegan diet believe the production of meat and other animal products creates large amounts of energy which is having a negative effect on the environment.

Opting for a plant-based diet means less farmland and energy is required, in turn reducing the processes from the production carried out on a farm through to the food being served on your plate. With a huge focus currently surrounding our attitude to carbon emissions and the environment as a whole, these factors and more should act as motivation for everyone to consider a plant-based diet.

What impact are plant-based diets having on the USA?

There’s no clear way of discovering how many of the US population follow a plant-based diet, however we can see how many people are searching online for the term “veganism”. Through research carried out by OWYN, we can see how much veganism in the USA has impacted over a number of years.

Of all the states within the US, most have seen a rise in the number of their residents who over the past 5 years, have been made more aware of veganism. Alabama leads the way by quite a distance, with an impressive increase of 500%, followed by South Dakota with 333%.

These two stats alone prove just how powerful plant-based diets are becoming and just how many people want to know exactly what they entail and the ethics behind them. You can see the rise of veganism in just two of the 50 US states, so you can imagine how popular it is across the world as well.

Would you consider changing your diet preference?

Whether it is veganism or vegetarianism, many people are deciding to change the types of foods their consuming for both health and ethical reasons. Whether you’ve already done this or debating making the switch, we want to know. Let us know your opinions on social, using #VeggieVsVegan.

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