Shapewear tips for every size that gives you more confidence

Shapewear under your clothes shows off your figure beautifully. Women love shapewear, but of course it has to be nice and ‘comfortable’. The shapewear under skirts and dresses ensures that ‘irregularities’ are covered and it gives you more self-confidence.

For every size

Don’t think shapewear wholesale is just for voluptuous ladies. Shapewear is available for every woman, in every size. It emphasizes your best points and makes your figure look as beautiful as possible. For many women it is attractive to buy a size smaller. Don’t do this, but stick to your own size! This is not only more comfortable, it also looks much nicer. Shapewear is not the sexiest, but very functional. And nowadays it is available in different types of fabrics, prints and colors with all kinds of fun and beautiful details.

But lifters

There are all kinds of shapewear. You can choose whether you want to ‘shape’ your buttocks with a but lifter, breasts, stomach or legs or all of them. Make sure your body stays in proportion. See what suits you best! A but lifter is not only ‘shaping’ but also very nice in warm weather so that the insides of the legs do not rub against each other. With today’s dresses with wrap or with a high slit, it is a ‘safe’ feeling that if the dress is blown up by the wind you are not in your ‘slip’. Or if you’re on your bike and the dress falls open or gets blown up.

Below is a list of the different shapewear models:

Slip: provides a flat stomach, gives a good shape to the hips and buttocks. The disadvantage is that you often see the edges of the briefs around your buttocks.

Short: The short ‘shapes’ around the abdomen, buttocks and hips and prevents your thighs from rubbing against each other. There is a small difference between the length of the pipes.

Long-leg shorts: flattens the stomach, gives a good shape to the hips, thighs and buttocks. Stays on the thighs better and doesn’t curl up.

Shorts with short legs: corrects the tummy, hips and buttocks. Downside often curls up, on the thighs.

Skirt: corrects the abdomen, hips and thighs.

Body: corrects and flatters your tummy, breasts and back. The disadvantage is that your breasts are often pressed flat.

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