Seven Tips for Keeping Your Dog Happy & Healthy

Your dog is a family member, and for that reason alone, your little furry friend deserves to be cared for. The fact that they provide such unconditional love and are so dependent on you for their health and happiness comes second to the fact that, for many, our pets are like additional children. They are the perfect companion and are truly humankind’s best friend. So if you are looking to get a new puppy into your life for the first time, you will want to follow these top seven tips to keep them healthy and happy:

Set Consistent Rules

If you want a good dog, and you want them to be happy, then you need to set consistent rules. Only enforcing a rule when you are stressed or mad is not healthy. Dogs can’t communicate like people. They won’t understand what they did wrong because sometimes they are allowed up on that couch, and sometimes they aren’t. Be consistent so that they know what to do.

Go to Puppy Training

A great way to train your puppy is to go to a puppy training class. This way everyone in your family can know how to train your puppy at home and keep up good habits.

Be Careful About the Food You Buy

Your dog deserves healthy food, but unfortunately many of the dog food brands are far from nutritious. When looking at what is available, choose items from pet treat manufacturing that have a protein listed first in the ingredients list. If it is grain or rice then most of the food is going to be filler, and can actually result in pet obesity and lethargy.

The same applies to treats. Choose treats that are lean. Some are beneficial, offering anti-inflammatory, neuroprotectant, and anxiolytic properties, such as found in CBD dog treats. These are great options as they help improve their health while still being a delicious reward for a job well done.

Ensure They Get Plenty of Exercise

A healthy, well-behaved dog is one that gets all the exercise they need. If they don’t, they can and do become naughty because they are bored. Don’t make your furry baby go through that. Instead find great hikes you can take them on and big dog parks so that instead of just a walk, they can go for a run for an hour while you take a stroll.

Set Up Regular Check-Ups with the Vet

You should take your dog to the vet at least once a year, but the schedule for a new puppy will be more intense. That is why you should go to the vet as soon as you get your new puppy. They will need to be inspected, checked out, and scheduled for vaccination shots.

Invest in Anti-Pest Medication

Finally, you will want to invest in some anti-pest medication. Not every option is going to work, so finding the right one is key. This way, fleas and other pests that like to cling to a dog’s fur won’t be able to, sparing your dog and your household.

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