Seven things you can’t afford to miss doing in Napa Valley

Every traveler’s itinerary starts with knowing the place and end with exploring the same. It all lies in the hidden treasures and adventures that a place offers the traveler with. Napa Valley is no different. Filled with amazing holiday spots and unbelievable tourists “must see,” this place has a lot to offer to their visitors. These locations are not just the patent places that people are often familiar with, but the thrill lies in the anonymity of the place. The travelers and tourists can avail the comfort of Napa Valley vacation home rentals to experience the very best that the place has to offer.

  • A must see with the Napa Valley wine train

Napa Valley wine train is a trademark to the place. You really can’t afford to board the train and missing out on the fun experience that the ride offers. It is one of the best ways to scope out the beautiful and picturesque terrain of the area. This wholesome three-hour ride is a treat for the passengers who get to experience a onetime experience with their gourmet lunches and dinners while gliding their eyes to the beautiful landscapes of the Valley. It also offers special glimpses through the town centers and the various wineries located around the different locations in Napa, Yountville, Rutherford, and St. Helena. Apart from that, the train is also stocked with a Tasting Car that offers wide varieties of boutique wine where on boarders can taste a flight of four different wines for just $10. Pretty affordable for the price and the experience, isn’t it?

  • Auberge de Soleil and its expansive view

The view from the terrace of Auberge de Soleil is extraordinarily expansive and unexplainable. If luck is on your side, having a clear day just plays out the cards well for you. Many visitors often claim that they can experience “Forever” from the terrace and they aren’t bluffing. The view is that beautiful. If you are feeling generous, treat yourself to a lavish meal inspired by Chef Robert Curry’s lunch meals and recipes. The reservations for these terrace resorts are a must and every penny spent is worth it in the end.

  • CIA St. Helena Campus for an extraordinary experience

Napa Valley is known for being one of the first to contribute to the notion of the agricultural preserve, since 1968. The Culinary Institute of America boasts on their farm to table cooking, and the St. Helena Campus in Napa Valley isn’t different than the rest. If you are someone who is into cooking and is interested in culinary arts, this place is nothing less than heaven for you. It has given shape to some of the best chefs around the country. So, what does the campus offers? It provides with an array of food tastings, crash courses for food enthusiasts and several public restaurants.


  • Explore the beauty of outside adventure that Napa Valley offers

With an area expanding around 53,000 acres of hills, mountains, and grasslands, this place offers a great area for hiking, running, biking or any outdoor adventure that anyone’s heart desires. The Napa Valley Bike tours are yet another spot that aids in gliding through the beautiful landscape of Napa while covering the beautiful and serene landscape of the area. Another factor that contributes to it is the amazing weather that it sports.

  • Experience the beauty of the Tuscan castle

As per the beautiful saying by the owner of Castello di Amorosa, he was captivated with the amazing beauty of the Italian medieval architecture. The beautiful castle consists of eight levels expanded over an area of 171 acres and crafted and chiseled out from 8000 ton of stones consisting of an array of rooms, ramparts, towers and several drawbridges. The general admission ticket allows you to visit two of the levels Castiloga castle and offers with 5-wine tasting options.



  • Skirt across the beautiful area of St. Helena

The main street of St. Helena is every shopper’s dream. It is littered with upscale boutiques, multi-cuisine restaurants, shops and several other galleries. The place has a little something for every traveler. If you are into architecture, three of the blocks around the town have been designated as the National Historic District. If Mexican food is something that chastises you, the La Condesa is famous for tacos and margaritas. Woodhouse Chocolate is what every chocolate lover fantasizes about. If you are questioning your diet now, screw it for once.

  • Art at its finest

Napa Valley is popular for its range of art galleries and museums, studios and the array of outdoor exhibitions. The popular diRosa art gallery, scattered over 217-acre includes over 2000 pieces of contemporary art pieces. Another site of attraction is the beautiful public art walks around Napa city and Yountville.

Napa Valley is known for the beauty that it beholds. From picturesque landscapes to amazing food places, this is a good place to explore and experience. It offers a wide range of possibilities for every aspiring adventurer, and that is definitely what attracts the attention of every tourist and traveler. These are the list of activities and places that none of the visitors should miss out on. The list of the same is endless when it comes to exploring the places and the activities around Napa Valley.




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