Seven Incredible Wedding Chair Decorations

Are you ready for your wedding day? There’s a daily average of 6,850 weddings in the US alone. You can still take steps to make your special day a one-in-a-million occasion. One way to do that is to use decorated chairs for the outdoor ceremony or wedding reception.

The process can be as easy as eating a slice of delicious wedding cake at the reception. It’s just a matter of creating eye-catching customized chairs to make your wedding guests feel at home. Here are some helpful tips to make a little pizzazz go a long way.

Romantic Wreaths

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Here’s a simple yet effective way to decorate your wedding chairs. It helps to create an unforgettable outdoor wedding ceremony.

Make grapevine wreaths shaped like hearts. Then use pink ribbon loops to hang the wreaths from chair posts. You can use silver bouquets of broom bloom and preserved roses. This decor is an excellent option to create a romantic atmosphere and keep your guests happy.

Go Green

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Here’s an effective and affordable way to add some natural greenery to the wedding decor, and you can add some full and bright accents to the outdoor aisles. It’s especially effective for outdoor weddings in the spring and summer.

Try bringing chairs to life by combining a magnolia leaf or boxwood garland with a silk jasmine lei (flower garland). Another option is to place some leafy garlands on both sides of the pathway.

Homemade Vase

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You won’t have to spend $53 million for a Qianlong vase! This is a wedding chair idea that’s simple yet eye-catching and ornate. All you’ll need to make this “vase” are a mason jar, persevered/powdery flowers, and twine.

Here’s what you have to do. First, wrap earthy twine tightly around the mason jar’s neck. Then use a hanging loop to tie it. Next, fill the jar with water, and add white roses and caspia branches. Finally, hang several of the homemade vases over the wedding chairs’ backs along the aisle.

Pearl Power

Photo by Pudding Bridge via Bridal Musings

If you’re planning a Parisian-themed wedding, then this is one of the best options. You’ll need a string of pearls/pearl garland. Another option is a string of glass beads/bead garland. Other items you’ll need are ribbon, floral wire, and scissors/shears.

First, use floral wire to secure the beads to the wedding chairs. Next, hide the wire using a decorative ribbon. This is a simple DIY idea that can add a touch of style to the seating at your wedding ceremony or reception.

One of the best features of this option is you can use cheaper materials if you’re on a shoestring budget yet basically create the same wow factor for your guests.

Simply Country

Photo by Gemma Giorgio via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Even if you’re a city slicker, you may want to add some country charm to the seating at your wedding. To add a rustic look to your ceremony or reception, you can throw in some textured bows. This will help to add some elegance to the chair decor.

Follow these basic steps. Place a long/wide strip of burlap fabric, then put a wide lace ribbon strip on top of it. Next, create a big bow around the aisle chair’s backing. Then add the finishing touch by putting some dried baby’s breath flowers behind the knot.

Tulle Tryout

Photo by Kristyn Harder via Style Me Pretty

Tulle is a soft nylon/silk cloth whose name originates from a city in southern-central France. This fabric is extremely elegant, so it’s a great option to create an eye-catching display that isn’t too flashy. It’s used for various wedding items, including gowns and veils.

In order to get the best results, use ivory tulle for the chairs. First, wrap the netlike material around the chair’s back. Then use a satin ribbon to tie it. Finally, you can add some texture by attaching a pink millinery flower.

Special Message

Photo by Carolyn Joy via Celebrity Style Weddings

You’ve seen chalkboards in schools and cafés, but how can you use them as chair decor? These message boards are a great way to add a unique look to the reception’s sweetheart table. Get a seamless look by writing with chalk markers.

You can add a special note to your new husband or wife on a hanging chalkboard. Then let them write their own loving note on another board. Another option is to write your favorite love song lyrics on the board. Then add the chalkboards over your dinner-table chairs at the reception with some eucalyptus branches for more texture.

Beach Breezy

Photo by Darling Juliet via Style Me Pretty

This idea for wedding-chair embellishment creates beach vibes with craft supplies. It’s a cinch to put together, and it adds some color to your big day’s decor. Even if your wedding is in the city, you can create a place that reminds you of a breezy summer day at the beach.

It’s very simple. Secure a wide ribbon with pastel colors like soft green/pink, turquoise, blush, or peach. Next, tie the ribbon to the top of air chairs to create a relaxing, beach-like atmosphere.


There are so many ways you can turn ordinary wedding chairs into extraordinary seating. You don’t even have to spend a small fortune! All you need are some basic materials like ribbons, flowers, beads, netting, and jars. Turning the work into a DIY project is one of many ways to save money on wedding decorations.

There’s no question your wedding day will be one of the biggest days of your life. So it’s critical to carefully pick a theme and color scheme for the decor of your wedding ceremony and reception. Add flair to chairs!

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