Seven Accessories Every Woman Should Have In Her Arsenal

There are a few clothing staples that every woman should have in their wardrobe. These are often the building blocks of outfits that can be styled in more ways than one and can go with all manner of aesthetics. There are accessories that can play a similar role. Rather than being the building blocks of your outfits, however, these accessories are the cherries on top of the cake. The perfect way to make an outfit better suit an occasion, to add a flash of color or aesthetic, or to put your signature style on things. Here are seven accessories you should make sure that you have at the ready.

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Bags play a practical role for women of all ages and lifestyles. Women’s fashion is famously bereft of pockets, so we’ve all been conditioned to use bags to keep the things that we need. A lot of women naturally fall in love with bags, but if you aren’t as keen about them, then learning which bag suits your needs can be vital. You want to be stylish, but you also want to make sure that it’s practical. It should cause no discomfort when carrying, it should be light enough for you, and it should have any pockets you might find convenient for the extra little items you bring around with you. As for the design, you want to make sure that it suits you but, if you’re not willing to buy multiple bags, you should ensure that it is versatile enough to go with different outfits of different kinds.


Shoes might seem like something of an obvious choice. We all wear shoes and most women have something of a selection to make sure they choose a pair to go with each type of outfit or environment they need them for. If you aren’t sure whether or not you have the right shoes, there are sites like that break down the various different types you might need and which contexts they can work in. It’s important to make sure that, even if your shoe collection grows to be unmanageable extensive, that you have the go-to shoes that you know you can rely on for certain events, environments, or outfits.


Scarves can play a lot of roles. Of course, they can help you stay warm during the colder days and help you layer up without looking overly bulky. However, scarves can also be styled in so many ways that they’re perfect for adding a slip of color or texture to just about any outfit. Scarves don’t have to be worn around the head or neck, either. They can often work like makeshift belts, lightly cinching dresses, or other garments around the waist to better suit your figure. A good variety of scarves isn’t too expensive to put together and it’s a collection that can grow over time, so consider getting into the scarf game.

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When you want to look too cool for school, to keep eye contact to a minimum, or simply want to cover up the fact that you only woke up ten minutes ago and had to rush out the home, there are few accessories that are so useful as a pair of shades. You can keep them in your bag for any old occasion. Of course, sunglasses also play the vital role of helping to shield your eyes from UV light, which is essential for helping them stay youthful and healthy. Sites like can help you select shades of a wide variety of styles, including those that are for those who need prescription lenses. So long as they provide the right kind of protection for your eyes, you can choose whichever style you like.


When we think of watches, we most often think of the watches that are designed for men, but the variety of women’s watches has been spreading like wildfire. Watches from sites like can play a variety of roles, as well. A good luxury watch, even if it’s pre-owned, can denote status and luxury, making the perfect choice for a formal outfit. Otherwise, a little band of color around your wrist can help to add some detail if you’re wearing bare-armed outfits, and they contrast bangles or wristbands on the other arm very effectively, as well. Of course, they’re great for telling the time, as well, but most people wear watches for the aesthetic they provide, rather than the utility.


Belts are often underutilized by women, often due to the way that women’s pants are designed to fit on just fine without them. However, aside from their original purpose, belts can play a variety of roles in your outfits. Learn how to wear belts from, using them to raise your waistline so that you achieve a longer-legged look, or using them to belt a dress or even a light coat so that it better fits your silhouette. There are all kinds of belts, simple belts, leather belts, colorful belts, woven belts, and even some flashy statement belts so you can find plenty of variety of style impact, too.

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A hat

Not as widely worn by all as any of the other accessories mentioned above, the hat can often go overlooked. It’s not just a tool for covering up a bad hair day. It can be a godsend on a summer’s day, for one, but depending on the style of hat that you choose, it can also help you establish a signature style and make your silhouette stand out from those around you. Of course, there are many types of women’s hats, and some of them better suit some settings than others. If you’re ever wearing an outfit that feels very simple in its shape and you don’t want to add too many layers, adding a hat can help give it some variety.

Having at least one of the accessories above can help you style even the same outfit in a variety of different ways. Accessories are where you truly unlock your fashion potential.

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