See why clear glue is the best eyelash extension glue for colourful sets

You might have wondered whether to use black eyelash extension glue or clear eyelash extension glue for your designs. Black eyelash adhesive or clear lash adhesive?

Which one would be better for colourful lashes? The answer is that both black and clear glues are great depending on what you want, but this might still vary from one lash extension supplies to the other.

Different purposes and different results:

Black lash glue is great for dark colored lashes and to create a dramatic look. Clear eye lash adhesive is perfect for lighter color or to protect light eyes from colour bleeding onto the skin. Some people also prefer using black eyelash adhesive when having watery eyes such as after cry, because clear lash glue can make eyes look puffy and red.

Clear lash glue is very affordable

Black lash adhesive is more expensive than clear lash glue but it last longer (up to 4-5 weeks), which makes the price difference smaller. It’s also less likely to dry out between clients, so it creates a more efficient use of time on your part. This means that you’ll be able to quickly apply extensions with black lash glue in less time than it takes for clear adhesive.

Clear Glue gives you more control

Clear eyelash glue gives more control and it’s easier to apply lashes with this glue than the lash adhesive that comes in the tubes. It doesn’t dry up as quickly and you don’t have to work as fast when applying the lashes which makes them look more natural.

It allows more time to place the lashes

Another reason people like using this glue is because it gives them more time to place the lashes and apply them evenly without worrying about them sticking too soon. The lash adhesive that comes in the tubes doesn’t give you as much working time to work with your lashes. With clear lash extension glue, you can easily correct mistakes that you may have made while you were applying the lashes.

You don’t have to rush

Also, since clear lash extension glue doesn’t dry quickly like the adhesive in the tubes it allows people to take the time and place the lashes where you want them without having to rush or worry about them sticking too soon. It also allows you to build up several layers of lash adhesive on top of layers that have already been applied without having to worry about them sticking too soon. With clear lash extension glue you can make the lashes as natural and soft looking as possible.

If you choose lash adhesive in a tube, there is no going back and having curl and lift once it’s dry. It will be stiff and the only way to get the original curl and shape back would be to apply heat or cut them off.  However, the best eyelash extension glue type for you will be determined by what kind of lashes you are using, what kind of designs you like, and personal preference. There’s no right answer about the best one. It all depends on your needs!


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