Scoring A Bingo With Beauty Secrets From All Over The World

Because of how interconnected we’ve grown as a species, well-kept beauty secrets from different parts of the world have become readily available to anyone. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising to try to craft a bingo game chronicling just how many regimens people could try from different countries and cultures! We’ve taken the time to put together a quick list of some of the oldest beauty secrets so you can start ticking off boxes on the literal or imaginary bingo card.

Marvellous skin and hair with milk and honey
Milk and Honey have long been touted as one of the most efficient natural ingredients at helping create younger, more radiant skin and hair. Bathing in milk and honey has been long attributed to Cleopatra the VII, the legendary queen of the Nile and one of the most revered beauty icons in history. With the likes Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie following in her footsteps, it’s probably time to work some milk into our bathing regimens and emerge silky and luxurious for a game with friends.

Outrageous Oomph with Olive Oil
If people were forced to choose just one thing the world received from the Mediterranean to be thankful for, it’s probably the amazing flexible olive oil. While many might first identify it as a primary ingredient for a healthy salad, many bath products have begun using the natural restorative properties to fight the signs of aging. These amazing set of olive oil infused products from Olivia Care would probably be what the modern day rendition of the Grecian goddess of love Afro-Dity from BingoGodz would pamper her luscious tresses with.

After all, the next best thing to winning is to feel like a winner? Even if you can’t get a straight line on your card, having silky smooth skin and locks that you can be proud of all day, every day might just make up for it.

Herbal Teas
When people want to become clean, they shower. But when people want to nourish, they take a bath. This is why most of the products designed to encourage the rejuvenation of the body are made for soaking in. Similar to how the Chinese discovered the wonders of tea after steeping leaves in hot water, so too has modern science discovered how the body can absorb nutrients through bathing. Herbal tea baths aren’t just a posh way of having a soak, it’s also a natural and healthy way to heal while relaxing.

A lot of things have managed to survive through the ages and through the constantly changing trends in beauty and entertainment. Historic games like bingo as well as these best kept beauty secrets are finding new life as the modern era gives them matching updates. Whether they choose to go with an expensive cream or a more natural approach, it’s critical to build beauty that’s timeless.

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