Saving The Planet One Journey At A Time

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Most of us have heard about the carbon footprint concept. It suggests that everything we do could potentially harm the environment. When we use electricity or gas for heat and light, we’re contributing to damage to the planet. Burning fossil fuels for these purposes is, unfortunately, a commonplace occurrence these days. By tallying up your carbon footprint, you can choose worthy schemes to offset your own contribution to these problems. Of course, you could also make a few changes to your lifestyle to reduce it too.

Did you know that traveling can contribute to pollution? Not only are you burning fuels to run the car, the diesel train, or the airplane, but the by-products of the emissions can be devastating. Some studies are suggesting that just walking along the street in busy traffic can seriously harm your health. Living on a busy main road can be even worse as you’re inhaling those fumes every day.

Instead of driving, why not try to find an alternative way of getting about? Many forms of public transport are now much less harmful to the environment. Your carbon footprint would be greatly reduced because the emissions are shared between all the passengers. Air travel burns a great deal of fuel. It is shared between hundreds of passengers, making your own individual contribution appear much less. Electric powered buses and trains don’t pollute the air as much. However, you still need to consider how that electricity might be generated.

Walking and cycling will always be the healthiest options. They are activities that can keep your body moving. They’re often used for fitness and weight loss, but you can walk or cycle to get from A to B as well. A good pace could see you walking more than 4 miles in an hour. You could cycle into double figures during that time. It beats sitting in a traffic queue trying to cover the same distance and probably not getting there any quicker!

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When your journey is a bit longer, or you simply don’t have time, why not opt for an electric vehicle? Do you have solar panels at home? You could charge the battery with renewable, clean energy. This reduces your carbon footprint enormously. You might have a Smart car or an elektrische scooter you could use for commuting, nipping into the city, or just visiting friends. Even if you travel long distances at times, having something like this could help you help the planet.

There are plenty of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint at home too. If you don’t own a car, you won’t be needing all those harmful oils and fluids that keep it running smoothly. Of course, this will save you a lot of money too!

You don’t have to be an activist to reap the benefits of a carless lifestyle. It can be handy if you’re trying to save some cash, or you simply want the parking space for something else. Reducing your own travel can help prevent climate change too. Can you cut down this year?

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