Sara Bronfman Announces upcoming Donkey Calendar

In support of Moroccan donkey and mule charity Jarjeer Mules, a new 2021 calendar will be released in May 2020. The calendar will comprise of photos taken by UK Photographer Sara Bronfman of the donkeys in the sanctuary. All proceeds will go towards supporting the work of Jarjeer Mules, which is a retirement home for working donkeys and mules in Rue d’Amsis in Marrakesh, Morocco.

In Morocco, donkeys are used for work and have few rights compared to horses, who are all owned by the King of Morocco and have to have regular health checks. Helping them therefore falls on local charities. The biggest one is The Donkey Sanctuary, which receives the most support. However, smaller organisations like Jarjeer get overlooked and find it hard to meet their high running costs. Sara Bronfman, who is photographer from Guildford specialises in high end weddings and other family events. This is the first time she turned her hand to animal photography.

About the new calendar Sara Bronfman said:

‘By producing this calendar, we will be able to not only support the vision and the mission behind the sanctuary but to also make a world of difference to the local working animals. Getting to know the donkeys and mules during the project was so much fun. Everything raised will go to feeding and caring for them in their retirement’

Jarjer Mules serves as a retirement home, care centre, and family for them along the High Atlas foothills near Marrakech. Set in a sprawling land of 6 hectares, the Jarjer community was developed by Susan Machin who runs it with her husband. Aside from their commitment to preserving the landscape in the locality and the way of life of the village which is steeped in traditions, they have also decided to do something for the often overlooked members of the local community– the local working donkeys and mules.

Susan Machin, founder of Jarjeer Mules, said:

‘This is a fantastic idea to not only support the donkeys and mules but show them off to the world. They are beautiful and animals have unique personalities. Our monthly running costs are over £10,000 and so this really important and will help us carry on going for the future’

Caring for the old, disabled, and abused donkeys and mules are the main goals of the sanctuary. However, their work does not stop there. They have also been actively working with the local people and offering the necessary support not just to the sanctuary’s equines but also to the members of the local community who want to know more about better equine care. They also take in stray local dogs.

The new 2021 calendar will be available to buy online and, on the Sara Brofman website; from the end of May. You can also join the mailing list and see pictures of the donkeys in the calendar by visiting the website. This unique gift idea is already attracting attention and is supporting a fantastic cause.


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