Safety and Side Effects of Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a derivative of the cannabis sativa plant. It has become well-known over the years due to its many benefits for humans as well as animals like dogs. It has been used to treat acne, relieve pain, manage stress, deal with the symptoms of cancer and the effects of its treatment, treating insomnia, and many other conditions. CBD is preferred by many to other treatments for these conditions because it is a natural product, which makes it safer than many pharmaceutical products. One of the most popular forms to buy CBD in is oil. A simple online search for “CBD oil UK” will find the best products available to you, as well as further information.

Safety of cannabidiol for human use

So, is CBD safe for use by humans as well as pets? Well, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), when CBD is used by humans, there is no possibility of abuse or causing dependence. The compound does not alter the mind of the users (it is non-psychoactive) unlike the other major derivative of cannabis – THC.

The safety of CBD is almost not in doubt except when dealing with low-quality CBD products that may have contaminants. It is for this reason that you should be careful when buying CBD oil to avoid any poor quality products. One way to be sure of high-quality products is to buy from trusted vendors, for example, you can browse this site to buy from one of the most reliable CBD sellers.

Side effects of CBD

From the many studies that have been carried out on the effect of CBD on humans, there are no cases of toxicity or overdose from the use of CBD oil from the hemp plant. Nevertheless, some negative effects may manifest in some people although in very rare cases, and when they happen, they are mild.

Some of the side effects of CBD include:


Lightheadedness is a side effect of CBD that rarely occurs, but when it does, it is temporary. Those who experience dizziness due to CBD usage can manage it by drinking a caffeinated drink to assist the body to get back in balance quickly. Such drinks could be a cup of coffee or tea. It is advisable to drink lots of water alongside the caffeinated drinks to minimize the dehydrating effect of caffeine.

Dry mouth

This is a side effect experienced by CBD users–both those who smoke or eat it. The affected CBD user feels like their mouth is filled with cotton balls. The best way to deal with these effect of CBD is by drinking lots of water and other drinks that can hydrate the body. The water can be drunk before, after, or even while consuming the CBD.

Drop in blood pressure

While CBD is known to help those with diabetes and heart diseases to lower their blood pressure, the same can be a negative effect on those with normal pressure. A high CBD dose can make the blood pressure drop a bit, causing dizziness. This effect can be overcome by drinking a caffeinated drink like coffee as was the case with lightheadedness.


CBD has no serious negative effects on humans or pets and there is no risk of becoming dependent on it. Other than the effects discussed above, the cannabis derivative can also interact with some pharmaceutical drugs. As such, CBD users should consult their physicians before using it alongside such pharmaceutical drugs. It is also recommended to buy CBD products from reliable vendors to avoid buying low-quality products that are unsafe due to contaminants.


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