Safe Driving – You Need to Know only these 4 Tips


We all know the basic traffic safety rules like wearing the seat belt, no driving after drinking, using the right lane and lot more. Then also accidents happen on city and suburb roads frequently. Do you know the reason behind these accidents? It’s obvious – the roads are full of reckless and stupid peoples!

As there are so many reckless peoples on the road who causes accidents due to their ignorance you need to be extra vigilant to avoid an accident. If you follow all the traffic safety rules the law is with you to compel the defaulter in providing you with compensating amount.  If you do get into a car accident, contact this Atlanta law firm to help you. But it’s always better to be safe as accident may bring damages that can never be compensated.

So, let’s take you to the higher level of traffic safety rules that can give you an extra protection from any mis-happening on the road. If someone causes an accident even after you take extra care, you can check here for your legal rights.

Don’t try to be a safety inspector for others – If a vehicle is speeding from behind you have all the legal rights of not giving it a way but it’s not safe for you to impede its way. Remember that reaching your destination safely is more important than reaching early. But, keep this wisdom with you only; don’t try to impose it on the fellow drivers on the road. Obviously, the good man inside you wants everyone to go slow and stay safe but if you try to give this message to the vehicle behind you by not giving it a way you are risking yourself to be hit by that crazy person. There are persons responsible for taking care of all these issues so you mind your business while driving.

Pay attention not only to your vehicle but on the fellow drivers too – If you are reading this surely you want to drive safe and stay safe on the roads. And, if you want to stay safe it’s not enough to drive your own vehicle safely. Obviously, you cannot make others follow the safety rules (should not try either) but you should be very conscious of your surroundings. Don’t only look for traffic signals and speed-breakers pay attention to the drivers around you. Maintain space cushion from all sides. And please don’t look at only the big vehicles because crazy drivers cause accident regardless of the size of their vehicles. The young motorists are mostly in the craze of showing-off their speed and skills of doing stunts pictured in movies so be wary when they are around.

Go slow in the bad weather – If it’s raining heavily or the weather is becoming foggy you’ll want to get to your home as soon as possible. But speeding up during the bad weather is the worst decision you can take. Fog or heavy rain both can significantly decrease the visibility level and as a result, you are not able to judge the distance between the vehicles accurately. During the low visibility times, you are more likely to hit someone if you are speeding up. You should also keep your lights on so that you are visible to the other vehicles. If you are going out in the rainy season make sure your tires are not overinflated. When the tires are overinflated the area of contact between tyres and the road are reduced and this may lead to skidding or loss of rolling friction if the road is wet. Aquaplaning is also a major problem during heavy rains.

Pay attention to your car’s inner environment – When you are not drinking and driving and following all other traffic rules not only the other drivers but also the people inside your car can cause an accident. So, you do not need to be defensive driver only against the fellow drivers on the road but also to any person seating on your passenger seat. It is good to love your children and let them enjoy their childhood freely but their freedom inside the car can cause a massive accident. So, keep your naughty kids buckled up in their respective seats. Don’t be that pampering parent who allows children to play around or sit in lap while driving. Not only children but disturbing adults too can cause an accident… kissing or doing romance while on the driver’s seat is only good for movies. Don’t imitate such stunts to show-off your love.

Stay defensive towards all possible threats to stay safe on the roads. Defensive driving is an art that you need to master in order to stay safe.

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