Russian actress Oxana Lovich shares with us what it is like to be an actress in Hollywood, and discusses her other passion, life coaching

I am very passionate about acting. I absolutely love it, that is why I never view this as a competition. When I go to any audition I am grateful for the opportunity to play a part.

It is such a pleasure to write about you in our magazine. Can you tell us more about yourself?
Oxana; Thank you very much. It is such a pleasure for me to be featured in your magazine.  I was born in Russia. When I was very young I realized my true passion for acting. My biggest dream was to move to Los Angeles and become an actress. The first opportunity I had to get a visa I moved to the The United States.  While in Los Angeles I have worked with some of the greatest Hollywood teachers including Diana Castle which afforded me the opportunity to work on so many great projects like the TV show Bosch.

Oxana Lovich

Wow! You sound very brave. Leaving everything and coming to a new country is a very brave.  Have you ever felt scared or regret your decision?
Oxana; This was one of the biggest challenges of my life to leave my homeland, my family and my friends, everything I was so familiar with and love, to venture out and go to an unknown country. I was scared for sure but I have never regretted being here.  I knew I had to do this and I knew this was my destiny. I am a very spiritual person with a strong sense and understanding of my intuition. Because of this self awareness I knew moving to Los Angeles would be the best place for my growth and success. Long before I stepped on the plane to come to Los Angeles in my soul I knew this was the right decision for me. My first day in America confirmed everything. I had an overwhelming sense of inner peace and joy I knew without question that this was my new home. I felt so happy, so passionate, so grateful for the opportunity to be here that finally the beginning of my lifelong dream had come true.

Oxana Lovich

Photo credit, photographer: Erin Johnson

I know that in addition to being a great actress, you are also a life coach. How did you decide to become a life coach? Is it easy to have two professions? How do you do it?
Oxana; I have worked hard and have learned a great deal from my personal experiences in acting and in life. Life coaching is a natural outgrowth of me wanting to help others achieve the successes that I have. I love helping people have a better life, and feel I have a lot to offer. I have always felt attracted to spiritual books and spiritually evolved people.  I knew that at some point in my life I needed to share it, and that is when I decided to become a life coach. I believe that my life coaching experiences impact my art only in positive ways due to everyday learning about people and life.

It is very interesting for me to know about acting. Do you have any preferences what roles you would like to play? What kind of movies you would like to be featured in?
Oxana; I have strong values as an actress. I am a positive person and believe I have a responsibility to the world to portray that message therefore, I am very careful about the roles I play.  I understand that every role has an impact on the world in some way so I choose the roles that have the most positive impact.

Oxana Lovich

What do you like the most about acting is Hollywood? After watching the movie LA LA Land I have learned it is not the easiest business, and it is very competitive. Does it ever stop you?
Oxana; I am very passionate about acting. I absolutely love it, that is why I never view this as a competition. When I go to any audition I am grateful for the opportunity to play a part and enjoy living in a different imaginary world. I simply enjoy the journey not the destination.


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