Rita Ramnani (Hedda Gabler) and Mishi May

Rita Ramnani, Mishi May

Up and coming British Star Rita Ramnani partners with Popular British Designer Mishi May (www.mishimay.com) for photo-shoot at one of the films location, Manor by the Lake in Cheltenham.  (www.manorbythelake.co.uk).

Hedda Gabler was shot at its lavish, historic location in Somerset, UK. Maunsel House; owned by Sir Benjamin Slade . Taking full advantage of the opportunities film adaptation presents, this production will be more daring and explicit than any other previous film or television version. The move is likely to be a controversial one with Ibsen fans. Characters referred to, which never appear in the stage play, will be created for the first time and make their dramatic debut.

Rita Ramnani, Mishi May

Molly Mishi May is a designer and maker of couture clothing including unique bridal gowns, leather jackets, red carpet glamour and wearable art. At Mishi May we like to explore new technologies and techniques, and to experiment with untraditional materials. Molly is especially interested in the psychology of how we dress.

Molly (Mishi) May “FASHION IS A MOOD ALTERING SUBSTANCE’, and we aim to celebrate uniqueness, art, and the sheer fun of dressing up.”

Rita Ramnani, Mishi May

Rita Ramnani “For me, Hedda Gabler is very much the tortured soul suffocating in a world that she doesn’t belong to, where men very much have all the power and control and if you were not married into wealth, life would be very difficult, especially for a woman. It was so important to convey this part of the story. Hedda chose a life of comfort however it came at a big a price whereby she had no voice to express her unhappiness nor was she able to escape from the manipulative hands of Judge Brack. Ibsen has written her descent into depression and ultimately her demise in such a way that you can see it building up inside of her to the point where she feels she has no choice and no other means of escape. The director and I really wanted to handle this delicately and I can only hope that we have done the story justice as we proposed to from the start.”

ritta rammani

Photo Credits:

Model: https://twitter.com/RitaRamnani, Designer: www.mishimay.com, Photography: www.matthew-john.com, Hair: http://www.hannahrobbinshairstylist.com/, Make-Up:  www.caley-soul.squarespace.com, Location: http://www.manorbythelake.co.uk


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