Ring Fashion: A World of Weddings and Beyond

Fashion and jewelry have been worlds that have intertwined since the dawn of time, determined significantly by the current fashion trends. When people consider rings, they often will think of engagement and wedding bands; however, the realm of rings spans far beyond just nuptial based accessories. Consider how you can introduce fashion rings into your style to give your hands that eye-catching touch.

Stones and Jewels

The choice of jewel or stone can adorn a ring with a beautiful statement. This attention-grabbing centerpiece can be any number of jewels or stones. While diamonds are a classic option that offers a traditional look that is frequently used in engagement rings and wedding bands, there are endless varieties of jewels for every taste and style.


The metal choice is a significant influence on the style of a ring. While yellow gold is often the choice for a traditional look, rose gold has garnered popularity over the past few years. Metals like gold, in its various hues and platinum, tend to come with a higher price point, but a classic silver can be more cost-effective. Each metal tone and composite gives off a different look and feel, so when choosing the tone, make sure you consider the best choice for your skin tone, style and look.


The designs of a ring can range from classic to modern to eclectic, all influenced by the type of metal, stone, style and setting of the ring. Consider your style as you think about what type of ring best suits you. Depending on what look you would like to have in your final look, you may opt for a flashier or bolder piece or something subtle and demure. You are not restricted to one look as you introduce rings into your personal style, and mixing and matching rings to your wardrobe can make a bold and beautiful statement. Whatever your ring style may be, know that there are looks for each person that can emphasize your own personal style.

Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry may not always have been given the credit that it deserves, being misunderstood or misclassified as tacky. There are plenty of fashion jewelry rings that actually state to the world that you are not a fashion icon to be ignored. They can very easily take a so-so look to the next level, adding flair and intention behind your choice of finger adornment. The small details of your ring choice show a level of attention to the fine details that truly elevate your personal style.

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are another area entirely, as these have the importance of signifying love and devotion. As you consider your style, make sure that you understand the basics of buying an engagement ring before making any choices. Doing some research to understand your significant other’s style and the parameters of your budget will be useful information as you navigate this process. These tokens and signifiers of your love and relationship often come with a significantly steeper price tag than any fashion or other type of fine jewelry, so the choice should never be rushed.

Design it Yourself

In today’s world of fashion, it is common to have the desire to stand out. If you are looking for a truly one of a kind ring, you can venture down the route to design your own. Whether you are using a family stone, incorporating your heritage or want a truly unique ring style, you can achieve all of this with your design. There are designers out there who can take your vision and create a truly unique piece. Make sure to do your research beforehand to ensure you find a reputable and reliable jeweler in your area to avoid any issues down the line.

Beyond engagement rings, rings can often be seen as an unnecessary fashion accessory; however, they can make a bold and unique statement. These fashion pieces can signify love, heritage and style, making these small pieces of jewelry truly impactful to any look. Make sure to include your finishing touch by adorning your hands with a carefully curated piece so that you are truly styled from head to toe.

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