Revolution of Sportswear in Fashion

Not too long ago it was considered a fashion crime to wear something meant for sports, or casual with something elegant – but we are living in Aquarius age, an age where everything is turned upside down and new rules are being written!

Sportswear has made a huge impact on fashion this few years back. One of the most noticeable is obviously the sneakers worn with, well quite fancy dresses.

You see:

No one would imagine a suede bodycon dress could be worn with white Nikes, but as numerous celebrities and fashionistas have proven, it certainly can, and it looks bloody awesome.

Sportswear is word actually coined much back in the history of fashion, let’s just say before 1930’s. It represented the variety of relaxed clothes that could still be worn to various social happenings.

Now what we today consider sportswear is actually quite defined term – it’s fashion that offers you freedom while doing physical activity, and usually does not look like something you could wear to a party –  but as I have said before, the world we are living in has decided to say goodbye to old ideas and welcome new, fresh ones.

Nowadays even designers who usually do not work with sportswear have incorporated it in their fashion lines.

Have you ever thought that wearing sneakers with blazers and pants will become an acceptable thing? It is now.

Have you ever thought that you will be able to wear your converse shoes with a trench coat and be considered very fashionable? Haven’t you? Well, you can now.

What about a backpack on your little black dress?

You haven’t considered most of these things possible to merge and as a result have them look good, BUT today you can with certainty wear your favorite sports stuff with your favorite elegant garments!

“Sportswear” is a word in history used for comfortable fashion really, today for such fashion we say it’s a “street style” – basically by combining before mentioned sporty clothes and more elegant ones, you get perfect outfit in which you can roam long streets of fashionable cities like New York, Paris, Rome and still match the metropolitan lifestyle while being able to actually walk and feel yourself.

I have to mention that not only more elegant fashion has adapted to sporty accessories, but they have also become more elegant – so, for instance, we got whole collections of leather and suede sneakers, sporty bags and backpacks, bomber jackets and hoodies made of silk and embellished with fine prints and jewels  – this seems to be a nice collaboration between styles in fashion industry for which large amount of young and eager for change people are to be thanked.

In conclusion revolution of sportswear has started way back when, but we are living in a period where the same revolution is taking another turn and bringing, even more comfort and beauty to our lives.

Fashion nowadays is a perfect playground for every person who loves the freedom of self-expression, loves exploring the world of fabric around us and is not afraid to push boundaries of old and conventional.

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