Reviva Labs Light Skin Peel and Makeup Primer – A Beauty Essential

As a consistent working model there are two beauty essentials that I just cannot live without.  They are Reviva Labs Light Skin Peel and Makeup Primer.  They are my little secret that I truly believe have given me the edge over other models for jobs.  I am always complimented on how great my skin is and can go to any go see confident that I will get a call back.


I typically have oily skin which makes it difficult for makeup to stay on.  I found it especially difficult during warm weather shoots on the beach or even just from the heat of photo lights.  I was introduced to Reviva Labs Makeup Primer from one of the makeup artists on set.  She put it on first before anything else on my skin and I was amazed at how well it already hid my pores, filled in laugh lines and controlled my oily skin.  My skin felt great and I even joked that I could go out with just this Makeup Primer on.  During the shoot I was amazed at how well my makeup held up.  I have always been a bit self-conscious about my oily skin and how many touch ups I would need during a shoot but my makeup artist hardly did any this time.  At the end, it checked my face in the mirror and couldn’t believe how fresh it still looked.

Beauty resultsAt the end of the shoot I asked my makeup artist any other secrets she could give me.  She recommended Reviva Labs Light Skin Peel.  I told her that any peels generally scare me.  Who could forget that awful scene in Sex in the City when Samantha decided to get a facial peel?  I didn’t want to end up with a tomato face for a day!  But she assured me that this is not a chemical peel and that it was very gentle.  She gave me hers and made me promise just to try it once.  She assured me that I would not be disappointed and she was right.  This stuff is amazing!  It leaves my skin feeling it’s cleanest.  Not only does it exfoliate my skin so well but now all the other lotions and potions I use work ten times better after using the Light Skin Peel.  With this product, it is able to eliminate so much dead skin giving my other products better access at penetrating my skin.  I can’t believe how fresh and even tone my skin looks.  I definitely have a glow!  My results are amazing and I love how much younger I look as well.

You can get both products at  I love this site and am so thankful that I was introduced to all of their amazing products!

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