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Because of my modeling backround I do a lot of research to find the best skincare products that prevents wrinkles and make my appereance youthfull. What I have learned is that most skincare products are full with inactive ingredients a lot of them are actually harmfull for your skin. Because of this I rather stick to an organic skincare serum. Dermatologists say that there are only a couple of ingredients that are proven to be benefical for your skin. So I was happy when I got the change to try out Timeless skincare serums.

Timeless Organic Skincare Serum with matrixyl synthe’6

organic skincare serum


The matrixyl synthe’6 serum is simple jet effective it only has the active ingredients and is organic, paraben free. Whatever you put on your skin is going to be absorbed so choose a product that is free of chemicals.

The active ingredients in this product:
matrixyl synthe’6 : naturally found in collagen VI and laminins, with a 2% concentration for maximum results. boost collagen

hyaluronic acid: a hydrating and moisturizing ingredient, help reduce wrinkles, minimize scars, and treat acne.

How to apply: you can apply it in the morning or night just put a few drops on your hand and apply on your skin or specific area’s with wrinkles.
timeless skincare, organic skincare serum

My Results:

After applying the organic skincare serum I noticed there is no fragrance, my skin feels smoother and tighter. You can use it under your favorite daycreme but I prefer to use it without. I apply it on my face and neck 2x a day and after a week I started to notice my skin looks more rested. I use to have a lot of spots on my skin and some wrinkles on the side of my mouth and started to see the lines are less visible.  I’ve considered botox for a while but I’m happy this product actually brings really good results. Finally an anti wrinkle serum that works, no botox needed! It has a plumbing effect on your skin, I was honestly suprised.

Timeless Organic Skincare Serum with Vitamin C

organic skincare serum


One of the other active ingredients that dermatologists recommend for your skin is vitamine C. Timeless has a serum with 20% vitamin c + e ferulic acid serum a high concentration of vitamine c that actually makes a difference.

The Active Ingredients in this product:
Vitamin C: antioxidant that evens skin tone and helps build collagen

vitamin E and Ferulic Acid:  used to extend the life and effectiveness of vitamin C

How to apply: Apply a couple of drops on your hands and apply on your skin in the morning and evening

My results: When I first applied the organic  skincare serum I noticed my skin had to get used to do high concentration of vitamin c. So I just applied a little in the beginning. After a couple day my skin started to respond really good to the vitamin C. I noticed my skin uplifted after 5 days of using it. I have less pimples and my skintone looks more vibrant. This is the perfect product if  you have tired and stress skin.
organic skincare serum

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