Review Rosegal short sleeve dress

rosegal, nora gouma, fashion editorial

This dress makes you look elegant and sexy at the same time.

rosegal, nora gouma, model on a mission, fashion editorialIf you are looking for something fabulous this spring you should definitely check out Rosegal, they offer a wide selection of fashion, accessories and shoes. I received this amazing pink dress last week and paired it up with a faux fur jacket a sequin belt and black feather earrings.

This is the perfect Club Dress for a night out, a dinner party or any special occasion to make you stand out. The dress is made from a cotton blend and it’s stretch material, so I recommend if you have a size small buy a size small, if you have a medium buy medium. Because of the stretch material you don’t have to worry to buy a bigger size.

The dress is available in black, white and pink. I prefer pink because I feel it makes me stand out more but black is a great choice too since you can’t have too many little black dresses!

I think this dress is sexy because of the Deep V collar and at the same time it’s elegant. Pair it up with your favorite heels and beautiful earrings if you want to stand out.

rosegal, nora gouma, model on a mission,


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