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Our vision was not just to create a product, but originated to start a movement. A movement that connects consumers to #endbullying through the use of fashion statements. We wanted to create sustainable eco-friendly, toxic-free products that meets the consumer’s fashion sense

NT_logo_wood_bgNature’s Time was created in the heart of San Francisco by founder Christian Panaligan. As a bullying victim, Christian’s escape was nature where he found strength and beauty there. He’s integrated the idea of nature into his vision: to create a beautiful fashion accessory, using natural materials, with the goal to spread compassion and awareness to victims of bullying.

The watches are handcrafted, water resistant and made of steel and natural wood. There are different styles to choose from like bamboo on Silver Steel, sandalwood and zebrawood. The brand is built on three core foundations: strength, beauty and compassion.

The Men’s and Women’s LIMITED EDITION prototype is available only for the first 100 sales (50 Men’s, 50 Women’s). After that, no more will be made.

The Men’s FINAL designs (5 styles total) start at $89 each for the first 50 sales (retail value $179).

Once they reach $100,000 in funding from the Men’s collection, we will release the Women’s line (6 styles total). These will also start at $89 each for the first 50 sales (retail $179).

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    Love wooden watches. Thanks for sharing about this brand. This post is really interesting, good to know.

    Jasmine xx

  • Reply May 16, 2015


    These watches are gorgeous! Love wood watches!
    Jeans and a Teacup

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