Review Irresistible Me Hair extensions

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I always wanted long full hair, since I can remember. I tried to grow my hair longer but my hair is thin and I wanted full locks. Also I dye my hair so that wasn’t helping either. Even though I try to keep my hair healthy with hairs masks and conditioner it didn’t help making my hair become fuller. That’s why I was happy to come across Irresistible Me Hair extensions. In this review you will see the amazing results I achieved with using clip in extensions.

Irresistible Me hair extensions


When I ordered my hair extensions I was super happy with the fast delivery. I got the Golden Blonde, 18 inch, 200gr silky touch hair extensions. It was delivered in this cute black box and comes with a sample so you can try it out first and if the color isn’t right you can always send it back to order the right color. If you have trouble choosing the right color you can also check this video it helped me a lot.

Before & After

I wanted to show you a before picture so you have a better idea what my hair usually looks like. As you can see it’s not short but it’s thin probably because I dyed it multiple times and not everyone is born with full long hair!


, irresistble me, hair extensions


nora gouma, irresistble me, hair extensions

Results with Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

I honestly was a bit nervous trying clip in extensions but its easier to apply then I thought and the result is so natural! The color is great and blends in with my own hair and it gives my hair volume and body. The silky touch hair extensions are of great quality. If the color doesn’t blend perfectly you can color them to make it fit. If you want volume and length without breaking the bank The Silky Touch Clip in extensions are a great choice. I am super happy with the result.

Why wear clip in extensions:

So you might wonder why you should try out these silky touch clip in extensions. First of all the quality of the remy human hair extensions is so good that they blend in naturally with your own hair. Another great benefit is that they last long and don’t damage your hair. Especially when your hair is thin or you like to color it.

  • Doesn’t damage your hair:
    If you are afraid that hair extensions will damage your hair, clip in extensions are a great option. They are not glued to your hair and you can put them out daily.
  • Wear whenever you want:
    You can wear your clip in extensions on special occasions or everyday if you want to, you have absolute freedom.
  • Sustainable and long lasting:
    They last longer especially then permanent extensions. Especially if you take them out when you shower, go to bed or swim. You can keep the hair extensions in great condition.
  • Save money
    You don’t need a professional to apply your hair extensions you can just do it at the comfort of your home. This saves money because you don’t have to ask anyone to apply them.nora gouma, hair extensions, irresistible me


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