Review IOTransfer iPhone manager

If you find it time consuming to transfer data between devices you are not the only one. I remember when I tried to transfer music from my iPhone to my windows PC, it was a disaster. It took me a couple of hours to make it work. No wonder IOTransfer software is in demand now. This iPhone manager is a free tool you can use between different devices such as your iPhone, iPad and PC or Mac.

What can you use IOTransfer for?

IOTtransfer is a file transfer and management application. You can transfer files, photos, music, video’s and apps across your devices. You can easily transfer your most exiting moments and transfer iPhone photo with ease. You can use them between different devices like your iPad, Pc, Mac or iPhone. No jailbreak is required. You have direct acces to your albums without using iCloud. I honestly wish I discovered IOTransfer earlier. With video importing, you are able to transfer HD movies on your computer to iPhone and iPad. Now you can watch movies wherever you want.

Full memory

Do you want to clear some space on your Phone, are your albums always full? If you are bothered with having a full memory and don’t have the time to delete picture by picture you can use IOTransfer. It has a feature where you can delete images in bulk. It is great to get more space in your albums on your device so you can make new images and videos.

Free trial

If you want to benefit from IOtransfer try out the 7-day trial for free. During the trial period you can transfer 20 files per day. As soon as you upgrade you will receive premium support and have no limitations. Check out the Press kit for more information.

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