Review Germanmade. iPhone 6 leather sleeve

iPhone case, leather iPhone case, Germanmade.

Beautiful handcrafted iPhone 6 sleeve, design and protection at once.

If you want to protect your phone in style there are a lot of options to choose from but these Germanmade. leather iPhone sleeves definitely stand out. I’m a big fan of handcrafted products and these sleeves are handmade in Germany from high quality vegetable tanned leather. This material becomes more beautiful over time, the colors start to get different tones from light to dark depending on how you expose it. My favorite is the caramel color sleeve, but they also have other options such as black, dark brown and grey.

You can personalize the sleeve with a laser embossing. For example your signature, personal motto, initials or if you have your own business your company name. You can check here for more information and if you have specific requests you can contact them. With a laser embossing you can make it more unique.

leather iPhone sleeve, germanmade

With the pull strap you can easily get your iPhone 6 out of the sleeve. The sleeve is made from natural wool felt from the inside this protect the phone from damage, humidity and temperature changes. The leather and wool combination is perfect and keeps your iPhone protected and clean and at the same time its stylish. I also like the contrast red stitching and there is a pocket for bills/credit cards. I have to say I love anything that’s handcrafted and made with love, the leather iPhone sleeve is definitely in my top 5 iPhone products that I need! 

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