Review Forever Love Thai artist Mew Suppasit

Mew Suppasit has released a new single, “Forever Love,” which consists of romantic lyrics paired with up-tempo beats and melodies. “Forever Love” features South Korean R & B singer Bumkey for their third Global Collaboration Project. The infectious bass line and theme of love make this an EDM and pop jam that will stay in listeners’ hearts long after they listen.

Mew states,  “We wanted to release a new song to give fans a new dance anthem to help them celebrate the happy moments in their life.” The piece blends lyrics positively, exchanging love and loving music, so the listeners have something to sing along with and dance to.

Mew has endless creativity and boundless imagination with each project. Previous Global Collaboration Projects include “Spaceman” with electronic music duo HONNE and “Before 4:30 (She Said)”, which both appeared on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart. Mew believes music is a vessel to reach fans worldwide and uses his talent to spread love and happiness. With an avid fan club known as the “Mewlions,” he can grow in popularity worldwide.

“Forever Love” is now accessible on  HYPERLINK “”all major platforms including Spotify. For more information, please visit the Mew Suppasit Studio website.





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