Review Firmoo reflective mirror sunglasses


I love sunglasses and eye wear I have cat eye glasses, black huge sunglasses, red shades and a couple other pairs but there was one pair missing. I always wanted to try the blue reflective mirrored glasses! Thanks to Firmoo I was given the opportunity to review their collection. Navigating their website is easy they have a lot of different styles and various colors, I decided to try these cool blue sunglasses they look chic and I love the mirror reflection.

firmoo2When I ordered I was a bit skeptical because they are so affordable just $19,00. I expected the quality to be alright but upon receiving I was surprised the quality was great and compared to my expensive glasses they would fit just right in! Firmoo is known for their high quality jet super affordable eyeglasses, I understand now why they are so popular.

Mirrored glasses are perfect for everyday wear, they protect your eyes from UVA/UVB rays and come in different reflective colors like purple, green and blue. I personally prefer the blue one, I like the metal details and black frame. I think they are stylish and I like that you can’t see my eyes in these.

The glasses didn’t need any adjustment, the arms are thin and angled so they won’t drop off, they are lightweight and fit on almost any face. I also like the fact that I can combine these with almost any outfit. If you are looking for high quality without breaking the bank you will love these Firmoo glasses!


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