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Files are stored on the computer and stored on the hard disk that is in the computer. It does not matter whether these are program files, documents or images. Accidentally deleting files happens to everyone. Which can be annoying but luckily retrieving erased files is easy when you have a Mac computer. But when your computer has problems with the hard drive we have to take measures to retrieve these files. You might be dealing with a system crash, hard drive corruption, software failure or virus attack. Or maybe you emptied the recycle bin by accident. In any of these cases you need the best data recovery software for your Mac.

Data recovery software for the Mac computer

Don’t panic there is a way to retrieve your images, emails, documents and files. EaseUS Mac data recovery has been widely praised for retrieving files, even if a hard disk has been reformatted.  It get backs data in minutes and with over 36,160,00 users you can be rest assured you are dealing with the best data recovery software.

Recover your data in 3 simple steps

I prefer Easeus for my Mac computer because it’s free and easy to use. You only have to go through 3 easy steps so no headache to understand how the software works. It’s user friendly and won’t take much of your time.

Step 1
Select the disk where you lost data, click ‘Scan’ to start file scanning.

Step 2
As the scanning is completed, select the desired files.

Step 3
Click “recover” to recover your data.

Quick scan or Deep scan

When you launch the program with “quick scan” it starts to automatically go through your mac computer for lost data. You can also use other storage devices to find data.  Besides that you have the option for deep scan to track in-depth files you want to recover. Using EaseUS date recovery for Mac is effective and easy!

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