Review caffeine and L-theanine supplements to improve focus and productivity


There are days that I can use some extra energy. For example when I didn’t have a good night sleep or when I have a pile of work to do and need to focus for long hours. I remember the days that my alarm goes off and I have zero energy I will just hit the snooze button one more time. Wouldn’t it be great if there were supplements on the market that improves focus and productivity? But at the same time doesn’t harm your health? Caffeine and L-theanine capsules might be the solution to jump-start your day.

The problem with coffee and energy drinks

We all grab an extra cup of coffee when our energy levels are wearing off. Alternatively, you may prefer energy drinks. Unfortunately, coffee and energy drinks can give you jitters or even stressed, due to caffeine. I’m sure this is not the effect you are looking for.

What happened after using caffeine and L-theanine supplements

Although the product is backed by science, I was a bit skeptical. Can a supplement really give me focus and make me more productive? After a week of using the capsules, the answer is yes. L-theanine removes that stressful and “jitteriness” feeling after drinking caffeine. When I tried it for the first time, I noticed that I felt clear and calm and enough energy to get my tasks done for the day. My mental focus improved and I’m actually getting double the work done.

Product use and tips

The supplements come in a black bottle and the capsules are vegan friendly. The suggested recommendation is 1-2 capsules each day; it will last at least 60 days. I personally prefer to take them in the morning and at lunchtime. I use it several times a week when I need more energy or when I don’t have enough sleep. I prefer this supplement instead of coffee or energy drinks because it helps with my mood and mental focus. Not to forget there are no side effects.

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