Review CabinZero, The original suitcase on your back

CabinZero bags have been developed so that they will be accepted as carry on by all the major airlines.

I travel a lot so I was really happy when I got the opportunity to review CabinZero. When the bag arrived I thought it was huge, I remember myself thinking: how is this bag ever going to fit on my back. But as soon as I start putting my stuff in for the next trip I noticed that it fits perfectly and the amount of space is just incredible (44L). Even if your bag is heavy its still comfortable because of the thick padded shoulder straps.

The problems with airlines
Some airlines look cheap until they start charging for your suitcase and the price just jumps up! CabinZero is a great solution for this problem. CabinZero bags have been developed so that they will be accepted as carry on by all the major airlines. Now I hardly travel with any luggage anymore just carry on. So convenient saves money, time and it is comfortable to travel without a huge suitcase.

44 litre cabin bag
They have a lot of different styles to choose from, my favorite is the classic 44 litre ultra light cabin bag in white. I like my travel items in neutral colors so I can wear it with any outfit. But they have brighter colors too if you prefer that, and military style bags. The bag is lightweight just 750g compared to an average suitcase its way more comfortable to carry with you.

25 years warranty
You don’t have to worry you will lose it, you can keep it with you all the time but if you do there is a built in global luggage tracker, powered by Okoban. This is handy because you don’t need to put a tag on your bag anymore with your address. It’s free visit  The zippers are lockable for extra safety and there is a 10 year warranty up gradable to 25 years free of charge if you ‘like’ the CabinZero page here:

Weekend bag
I’ve been using this bag for a while and I must say its great as a weekend bag too. Whenever I go on a short trip I know this bag can carry a lot of stuff. It is very versatile for example if you carry a lot of books for school this bag comes in handy! Hopefully this review helped you, and makes your next trip a lot more comfortable.


  • Cabin Sized
  • Built in Global Tracker, powered by Okoban
  • YKK Lockable Zippers
  • Thick padded shoulder straps
  • 25 year warranty if you ‘Like’ us on Facebook
  • 44L capacity.
  • Lightweight.
  • Strong, durable materials
  • Waterproof polyester
  • Free shipping worldwide



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