Review Athena Apparels, Strong is the new beautiful

Strong is the new beautiful, and we are here to help bring that lifestyle.

When you are working out you don’t have to look dull and practical anymore. Athena Apparels  is a new female athletic apparels line, inspired by the Greek goddess Athena. Their philosophy is inspired on the Greek Godess which stand for wisdom, courage and inspiration. Qualities we could all use in life. The collection fuses sports and fashion together, workout gear you can take fromt the gym to the street. Their high performance gear has reasonable prices too and they are launching through Kickstarter on 9th May 2016.  Visit Facebook @AthenaApparels

Breathable fabric

Athena Apparels are made to keep you warm and comfortable with high-tech fabrics and 360 stretch, made from nylon and spandex. The fabric is breathable and has quick-dry properties. I love the innovative silhouettes that will optimize any workout.

All Season Wear

They will have you covered from head to toe, the collection consists of tops, bottoms and jackets. The colors are neutral grey and black so you can wear it in any season. I really like the collection because it doesn’t look dull and has a sporty chic appearance. Active wear made from good quality material. A warm breathable jacket when its colder or tops when it gets warmer outside. You will look good either way!

Xena all season jacket

Sustainable practices

Athena Apparels believes in giving their workers fair wages, and are aware of the environmental impact. They hope to implement more sustainable practices in their business within the year. To see Athena Apparels understand their impact on earth fits with their philosophy. Their mission is to create a collection that is affordable but comes in a variety of styles and sizes that would appeal to anyone. With this collection I believe they succeeded!

Ariel Capris Heather Grey


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