Review anti bacterial copper infused pyjama

Sometimes there is nothing better than a pyjama day. Relaxing on the couch after a hot shower or starting the day in your pyjama pants on a Sunday morning. You can really relax when you know that your clothes are well made.

Because you sleep in your pyjamas, it is a source of bacteria. You generally sweat a lot at night. In addition, the top layer of the skin is often greasy, which eventually ends up on your pyjamas. There are also many dead skin cells on your pyjamas, because you move a lot in your sleep. That’s why this antibacterial copper infused pyjama is a great solution.

What is antibacterial clothing?

Clothing that incorporates antibacterial materials from copper is known to kill bacteria, due to the copper ions that interrupt the bacteria’s metabolism. For the pyjama, the copper threads are woven through the ordinary textile

Example: each time there are ten cotton threads and one copper thread. In this way, clothing is created where the skin can come into contact with copper.

How does copper infused clothing work?

This happens because copper ions that form upon contact with the skin interrupt the metabolism of the bacteria. The bacteria dies, allowing the skin to recover more quickly. That is, to put less energy into fighting the bacteria. Another advantage of copper yarn is that it creates a small magnetic field, which stimulates the capillaries and improves blood flow.

For who is the clothing suitable?

Many people suffer from excessive bacteria build-up due to a skin condition; An example is eczema. (the skin is often dry and flaky, which makes it easy for bacteria to multiply -) the result is itching and many people will scratch the spots.

Advantages of copper pyjama:

  • Fight bacteria, skin becomes calmer
  • Ensures better blood circulation
  • Allowing nutrients to flow better to the skin
  • Self Cleansing & Hygenic 
  • Luxuriously Soft Cotton & Bamboo
  • Environmental friendly 

So there is a twofold system. One side, the copper kills the bacteria on the other hand, a better blood circulation ensures the supply of nutrients to the cells in the skin

Perfect for cold days

Because the antibacterial pyjama improves blood circulation, the feeling of cold will decrease. Many rheumatism patients also benefit from this, because they often suffer from cold complaints. Conversely, the pyjama can also help with unpleasant smells caused by excessive sweating.

Sweat in itself has no odor, but because bacteria multiply more quickly in a moist environment, the well-known sweat odor is created. Since clothing with copper threads kills the bacteria that cause this air, the odor decreases.


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