Replacing Your Windows? Consider Tinting Them Instead

Are the windows in your house wasting energy and driving up heating bills? If a house has single-pane windows that waste energy but the budget does not allow total window replacements, the homeowner could consider a less expensive option, at least temporarily. Window tinting films may be a good solution for many homeowners with small budgets. There are many types of window tints, and it is important to choose the one that will offer the homeowner the benefits they need. Window tints block a large percentage of the sun’s UV rays and help regulate the heat or cold coming in a window. Window tints add another layer of insulation to the window glass.

Window Films Can Improve Window Function

Even though homeowners know they should replace their home’s windows, they may not have the money to do it right away. If the single-pane windows are in good condition, it may be hard to justify ripping them out and putting in new windows costing thousands of dollars. One way to make those windows function better for energy efficiency is to cover them with window tinting film. Finding window tinting film near me can be as simple as looking in the local Yellow Pages or looking online for a local window film dealer. Some people choose to shop online ordering the film to be delivered to their home rather than going to a brick-and-mortar store near them.

Window tint films can stop up to 79% of solar heat before it enters the window. They can also stop as much as 99% of UV rays that cause solar glare and fading of carpets and furniture. In addition, they can keep rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This will cut heating and cooling bills for the building owner.

There Are Different Types of Window Films

Window films can tint windows or they can be without tint and be meant to increase impact resistance or decrease heat loss. It is important to choose the right film for the home’s needs. No matter which type of tint a homeowner chooses, the film must be carefully and correctly installed for success. There are three reasons tints work for homeowners.

  1. Solar gain or limiting the heat coming through the glass.
  2. Privacy is an added advantage with the right window films. With some films, the homeowner can see out but people on the outside can not see in.
  3. Security is another advantage of the heavier films that make windows harder to break.

Standard window films are installed on the inside of windows to serve different purposes, but the features can overlap from one type of film to another. There are mirrored films, blackout films, solar films, and transparent films, and they all come in different thicknesses. When considering adding window films, make a list of the benefits or features the home needs. Then, talk to an expert on window films for advice.

Installation is Everything

The best window film poorly installed is nothing. The homeowner can install their own window film if they carefully follow the manufacturer’s directions and do a flawless job. If that is not possible, or time is limited, have a professional window film installer do the job. Some things to keep in mind for window film installation are that the glass must be cleaned first. Tools will include a sharp knife, a squeegee, a water spray bottle, and other tools sold along with the window film.

The film has to be handled very carefully to avoid creases, wrinkles, and fingerprints. The film is installed and then trimmed carefully to the exact size. Then, the bubbles must be screened out starting at the center of the window and moving toward the edges. When the film is correctly installed, the windows will function better and the film will be invisible.


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