Rent or Buy? Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Suit

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With more and more suit and dress rental shops opening up, it’s no surprise that renting a suit for a wedding is becoming more and more popular. However, although renting a suit that you’ll probably never wear again can definitely have its advantages, especially if you’re on a tight budget, there are also plenty of downsides which every bridegroom-to-be should know about before they decide whether renting a suit is the right choice for them or not. If you’re soon to be getting married and are wondering whether you should rent or buy your suit, we’ve put together a list of reasons why buying is always better.

Better Fit

One of the main reasons why purchasing a suit for yourself rather than opting for suit rental is a better choice is because you’ll be able to make sure that you get a suit or tuxedo which is a perfect fit. When you rent a suit, you may not be able to get it altered to suit your shape, or you could be limited in changes that you make, meaning that it’ll look less than fitted when you’re getting married in it. On the other hand, purchasing a suit means that you can have it made to measure, ensuring that it’s a perfect fit which makes you look amazing. Click here for more information on choosing a wedding suit.

Future Wear

Although most brides will never wear their wedding dress again after the big day, grooms have an advantage in that they can re-wear their wedding suit over and over again to get their money’s worth from it. Even if you work in a job where you can dress casually, chances are that there’s going to be a need for you to wear a formal suit again at some point in the future, for example if you’re attending someone else’s wedding or a christening. Rather than simply paying money to wear a suit on the big day, you’ll be able to keep it and wear it as much as you need. Opting for a plain, versatile suit is a great idea as it means you can change the look with accessories such as ties, shirts and cufflinks.

More Cost Effective

Although renting a suit may seem cheaper to begin with, it can actually work out more cost effective to buy a suit for your wedding. This is because as mentioned above, when you rent a suit, you only get to wear it once, as opposed to buying a suit which means that you can wear it as many times as you like! A high-quality, fitted suit is something that all men should have in their wardrobe, so if you don’t have one, your wedding day is the perfect excuse to invest in one.

With many couples trying to save as much money as possible when it comes to their wedding, it’s no surprise that more and more guys are renting suits instead of buying them. But, purchasing a suit could actually work out cheaper in the long run!

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