Relaxing Songs for the Best Bath Ever

Silence, podcast, or music?

You’ve cleaned out the bathtub, filled it with bubbles, and lit a great smelling candle. As you prepare to soak away all of your worries, you might wonder why you need relaxing songs. Why not just sit in silence, or listen to your favorite podcast?

If you really want to remove all of your stress from the day, relaxing music is definitely the way to go. That’s because music has the power to help calm your mind, and create an atmosphere you can truly relax in.

Stress is a serious issue, and it’s affecting more people than you might think. Researchers found that eight out of ten Americans, deal with high levels of stress. They also discovered that about 79% of adults feel stress multiple times throughout the day.

Are you ready to feel your whole body melt away, as you soak in a bath full of bubbles? Read on to learn about the power of relaxing music, and what songs to add to your playlist.

Power of Relaxing Songs

Calm tunes can improve your everyday health. Feeling achy after a long day of work?

Gentle music is capable of reducing the amount of pain you might normally feel in your body. When you hear the music your body starts naturally producing endorphins. The endorphins entering your bloodstream, help you feel good and strengthen your immune system.

Where to Find Your Music

Luckily, with advancements in technology, there’s no shortage as to where you’ll get your music from. All of the songs we’re listing in this article play for free using Youtube.  Yet, you could also explore an online store, for more fun bath time accessories, or music options.

Now that you know a little bit of the science behind calm music, you’re ready to start picking your tunes. Let’s look at what songs, and types of music, will get you the relaxing lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

1. Weightless by Macaroni Union

Do you want to listen to a song, that science itself has proven to be relaxing? Then you need to listen to Weightless by Macaroni Union.

A research study found, the song Weightless produces the most efficient state of relaxation. They even compared their findings to other songs from the past. To this date, no other song has proven as effective at reducing stress, as Weightless has.

The participants in the study had a 65% reduction in anxiety as a whole. Female listeners, in particular, got the most benefits from listening to Weightless. They also had a reduction of physiological activity, meaning their heartbeat, and breaths began to relax.

2. Classic Ambient Music

As you listen to Macaroni Union’s song, Weightless, you’ll notice there aren’t any words. That’s because it’s a type of ambient music. When you listen to ambient music it doesn’t have a specific beat or any of the other traditional components that normally make up a song.

Instead, ambient music creates a certain mood. Surrounding its listeners in their own special atmosphere.

Have you ever watched a movie, where the soundtrack transported you to another time and place? That’s very similar to what it’s like to listen to ambient music. In fact, you can even choose ambient music that’s based on your favorite movies.

Ambient Worlds

We suggest you try visiting Ambient Worlds on Youtube. Once you’re there, you’ll see a large selection of classic movie worlds you can choose from. 

Here are some of the worlds you can choose to bring to your bathtub adventure.

  • Marvel Universe
  • Harry Potter
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Game of Thrones
  • Star Wars
  • Lion King
  • How To Train Your Dragon

If you’re a big Harry Potter fan, try listening to Magical Sunrise at Hogwarts. Even if you don’t know anything about Harry Potter, you’ll be able to appreciate the gentle tones and carefully placed nature sounds.

Strawberry Swing

So far, we’ve been discussing songs that don’t use lyrics. If you want to be able to sing along with the songs you’re playing, consider trying a band called Coldplay.

Coldplay is a British rock band, and they have a lot of songs that could help you unwind. We particularly like their song “Strawberry Swing” because of it’s light-hearted tone.

Rather than being deeply relaxing, this song is better at giving listeners a feeling of well being. This song won’t be the star of your playlist, but it’s a great way to transition from instrumental, to songs with lyrics.

This song also has a slightly higher tempo than most relaxing tunes do. That makes it ideal for making sure you don’t accidentally fall asleep in the tub!

Creating Your Playlist

After you have an idea of what relaxing songs you’ll like, it’s time to make your list. Having a playlist set up means you won’t have to worry about changing songs, or asking your smart speaker to find certain music.

Instead, everything will play effortlessly, one song right after the other. Helping you truly immerse yourself in your divine spa experience.

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