Refresh Your Look! 6 Simple Steps to a New You

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Tired of your regular, everyday appearance but not in the mood to go full-on makeover? Most of us are. Sporting a new look can give you a newfound confidence, can make you feel rejuvenated, and is just simply fun.

Without hiring a team of beauty experts or waiting for the New Year, you can grant yourself a transformation anytime. Here are simple ways to do it.

1.   Part your hair differently

If you have been parting your hair the same way since time immemorial, then it’s about time to change it. Parting your hair differently will give you an instant physical reinvention. Not only that, there’s a reason why your hair dresser constantly asks you where you part your hair after you get a haircut or treatment.

Regularly switching up your part is healthy for your strands. Having the same part causes wearing down of the hair in that area and therefore creating breakage. When you adjust, you’re allowing the roots to breathe.

2.   Purge your closet

You might have been unconsciously hoarding clothes that you’ve never used, barely used, or not intending to use ever. You keep thinking you’re going to wear them again eventually but you never really do despite them being fit for the season.

Let go of excess items as they are only creating clutter and using up your space. Donate clothes to charity or sell clothes online to earn some extra cash. This way you’ll have more room for additions that you will actually want to wear while creating a new look for yourself.

3.   Play up your eyes

Your eyes are one the most noticeable features in your face, thus a simple change can create a radical impression. Go for a mascara that adds volume and length to your lashes or try on a new shade of eye pencil, like deep-blue, to immediately make you look more alert. Without being too costumey, you can put on an eye make-up that can strikingly transform your appearance.

4.   Be daring with your lipstick

Make a statement without even opening your mouth. It’s time to step out from the safe shades and choose bolder lipsticks. Choose red for that classic Hollywood look, or go for deeper and darker hues. If you don’t want to steer away from nude, opt for a matte finish or one that gives you fuller lips.

5.   Try on new accessories

A super easy way to look like you have bought a whole new wardrobe is by accessorizing! Spice up your existing pieces by mix and matching them with statement ensembles.

Invest in timeless necklaces or antique diamond rings that add more character to your simplest attire, like a white tee and a pair of jeans. Choose purse and handbags in faux leather or with brass hardware, these materials make your outfit appear more high-end.

6.   Modernize your manicure

When it comes to makeovers even the smallest details matter. Pay attention to your nails because most other people notice them too. Instead of the usual oval or square shape, go for a “squoval” where the tips are cut straight and only the corners are rounded off.

Pick unexpected colors and try nail art. There are a lot of ways to modernize your manicure, among the most popular in the market today are nail polish that are scented, mood-changing, holographic, and even magnetic.

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