Recording artist and producer Tillie Gya

Tillie Gya

Tillie Gya is a recording artist/producer from Ghana living in the Netherlands. Reggae Dancehall/Afrobeat is more the kind of music he makes. He released an album of 12 tracks by name “Time” on Spotify,iTunes,Soundcloud and other digital music platforms. A deep dark vocal type is what he can easily be recognized by. Check out Tillie Gya Time on Spotify and have a feel of this wonderful artist.

His drive to make music I think is genetics. His late father was the C.E.O of Gapophone Records and a four times producer of the year in Ghana. He draws his inspiration from life,nature and great women and men who stand for the betterment of all. Equal Rights and Justice. His greatest achievement is basically being able to record,mix,master his 12 track album “Time”.

Tillie Gya advice for other aspiring artists is keep doing what you love and are passionate about.. Try and make use of what you have to achieve what you want. Reach out to experts in the industry to review and support what you do. Above all be happy…

Listen to Tillie Gya Time album on Spotify!


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