Record Label Director, Abi Jenaé shares hotly tipped new single “Crazy Love”

The much anticipated single “Crazy Love” is the debut release from singer / songwriter Abi Jenaé.

Being a Nigerian artist based in the UK, the ‘musicpreneur’ compliments life beyond the music, bringing her passion for songwriting to the forefront and showcasing a voice that tells countless of stories on its own.

After being heavily involved in the music industry and legal profession for some time, Abi Jenaé decided to take an unpredictable step by self-releasing all forthcoming material via her newly established record label: Afrotown Records.

Abi Jenaé’s debut showcases a shimmering Afrobeats flair and heartfelt melodies, carrying reflections and observations. “Crazy Love” is an up-tempo song with a distinctive laid back vibe. Experiences and perceptions weave through the record as Abi describes and illustrates a vision of having a “Crazy Love” for this exciting debut.


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