Recommended permanent hair removal methods and say goodbye to hairs!

permanent hair removal

It is a really upset thing to grow hairs on the body for many girls. And many girls may have a good look and sexy body, but the body’s hair has affected the overall beauty. Many times the hair is the most concerned thing for girls. And girls who want to avoid trouble and side effects brought by repeated hair removal cream, it may as well choose permanent hair removal methods as follows.

One of the Permanent hair removal methods: photon hair removal. Photon hair removal is based on the photo pyrolysis principle of intense pulsed light. It uses the absorption of light by melanocytes in hair follicles at specific wavelengths, only acting on hair follicle melanocytes, without damage to normal skin. The light is absorbed into heat energy by the melanin in the hair shaft and follicles, thus increasing the temperature of the hair follicles and destroying the hair follicles.

Then, how to care after photon hair removal? If the photon hair removal treatment area is obviously red, indicating that the skin may become very fragile, at this time do not make-up, do not rub the surgical area, can be appropriate cold compress. After photon hair removal, beauty seekers should not use irritant skin care, cosmetics within 24 hours, only cold water or cold boiled water is recommended. After photon hair removal surgery, small crusts may form on individual sites. Be careful not to scratch them with your hands and let them fall off naturally. Few patients may have severe reaction after photon hair removal and should avoid abrasion as far as possible. Antibiotic ointment can be applied to prevent infection if there is damage.

According to the selective principle of light, hair follicles can be destroyed by adjusting the laser wavelength and the light beam will penetrate the skin surface and be absorbed by hair follicles. The hair follicles will be destroyed by selective absorption of laser energy, so that the hair cannot regenerate and the surrounding tissues will not be damaged.

5 days after laser hair removal, we should pay attention to these points. First, avoid hot water in the treatment area when bathing, and warm water should be used. Do not bake sauna or steam bath. Do not use makeup and skin care products containing fruit acids and a acids. Use mild skin care formula. Do not use frosted, alcohol or antiperspirant. Do not swim in the pool or beach to avoid infection. Do not wear tight clothing or stockings to keep the treatment area dry and breathable. Don’t drink alcohol, taboo to eat spicy food.

For hair removal at freezing point, the hair follicles are kept at a certain temperature by laser penetration through the skin surface, and the hair follicles and the surrounding stem cells are inactivated gently by cold touch technology. The superfluous hair can be removed in a large area of cool and painless, effectively protecting the surrounding skin and quickly depilated. Laser hair removal machine method, through the above introduction, do you understand? Actually, it’s not as hard to be beautiful as you imagine. If you need permanent hair removal, you have to go to a regular hospital. Because hair removal failure can leave an ugly scar that will be unforgettable for your life, so it’s important to choose a good hospital.

It is well known that traditional hair removal methods have many shortcomings, including difficulty in permanent hair removal, low efficiency, quick rebound, and more painful hair removal process. Nowadays, modern laser hair removal technology has become the first choice for modern people because of its permanent hair removal effect, safety and comfort. However, with the rapid popularity of medical laser hair removal technology, laser hair removal medical accidents occur from time to time. Many of these accidents are due to preoperative including patients, medical institutions, some of the measures failed to do well. Because of these reasons, sometimes it is not only the operator that causes damage, and sometimes there is the possibility of damage to laser instruments.

So what’s the problem before laser hair removal surgery? Before laser hair removal surgery, patients also need to do a lot of preparation, and the importance of these preparations also directly affect the effect of surgery and side effects. Here are the five major preparations that must be done by the surgeon.

1. Before surgery, it should be identified that the patient has no conditions like skin injury, redness and swelling;

2. Do not expose the skin two weeks before laser treatment, because it is likely to burn the skin the skin if you do laser hair removal after exposure, which will make the skin red and blister;

3. Do not use depilatory creams, hair removal cream, honey wax hair removal and electrolytic hair removal before hair removal. Otherwise, laser and photon hair removal will not work.

4. Clean the body before doing the hair removal to ensure local skin hygiene.

5. Preoperative treatment area must be prepared skin, because visible hair will be caused by high heat caused by laser burning damage to the epidermis, but also lead to irreversible damage to the laser seeker, and cause unpleasant odor.


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