Reasons Why Your Kitchen Might Be Making You Unhealthy


If you are looking to be healthier, then it does extend to more than just what you eat, as well as how much you exercise. What goes into our bodies does have an effect. So things from how we cook our food to how our food is stored can all have an impact on our health. It really can have more of an impact than we would think. So here are some things that you might need to ditch in your kitchen in order to have a healthier and happier you.

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Plastic Food Storage Tubs

We all like to keep leftovers from time to time, instead of just throwing the food away. But if you’ve got a cupboard full of plastic food storage tubs, then it could be time to make a change. The plastic in the boxes can seep into our food, especially if you heat the leftovers in a microwave. So stick to storage like glass. It is going to be much better for your health than plastic.

Non-Stick Pans

Having pans that are coated with a non-stick substance like Teflon can be great for cooking. It can speed things up, and as the name suggests, it means that things don’t stick. However, the non-stick substance does coat our food. Do we think about what we are eating when our food has been cooked in a pan like that? I doubt that we do. But when our bodies have things in them that they shouldn’t, they do have an effect. So choosing cast iron cooking pans or skillets is probably a healthier way to go.


The effect that microwaves have on our food is really quite detrimental. Yes, it can be much quicker. But it does heat our food in an unnatural way. It can also mean other things leaking into our food, like plastic, if you are eating a microwave meal, or heating leftovers, as has already been described. You don’t need to have a microwave. A stove or an oven will be just fine for heating your food.

Serrated Knives

While a serrated knife isn’t unhealthy for you, there are better options for healthier eating. Basically, if you want to be eating healthily, then you need three knives in your kitchen. A paring knife is needed, as well as a chef knife and a trimmer knife. As to the brand, it can depend on what you can afford. But a brand like Kamikoto might work, as it could mean less chance of rusting. But look up a Kamikoto review for yourself to see what you think. Serrated knives can take away some of the goodness out of the food, so try to stick to these three for the healthiest food prep.

One Chopping Board

You need to have a different chopping board for all of the different foods that you prepare. So if you only have one, and you’re chopping meat and fish on there, as well as veggies, then you need to rethink as that won’t be the healthiest for you.

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