Reasons why An Elliptical is better than a Treadmill


An elliptical is gym equipment that has become common these days. Not appreciated enough for, the cited faults in it but many prefer it to a treadmill. A workout done on an elliptical helps you lose more calories than a treadmill. An elliptical provides a perfect cardio vascular workout as it works on the upper and lower body at the same time. Here are the reasons for its increasing popularity:

  1. Ease of use – The elliptical is good for all ages almost anybody can use it with ease. You do not require any special training or manuals to operate it. It’s user friendly especially for the gym newbie’s.
  2. Availability – These days elliptical are a part of every gym, not only the high-end ones but small ones as well. This equipment has become popular in a short span of time.
  3. Cardio Exercise – As you do a work out on an elliptical, your pulse revs up and it’s higher than the treadmill. Studies have shown that treadmills make your legs tired as compared to a workout on an elliptical.
  4. Improves Life – It may sound cliché but it’s true, studies show that an elliptical improves the quality of life and beats fatigue.
  5. Plenty of Variety Nordictrack Elliptical comes with built in program, it makes switching up workouts super simple. They do their work for you with pre-set options. Keeping a track of the program is equally important to know your progress.
  6. Easy on knees – The elliptical is softer on the body as compared to the treadmill. The gliding motions are low impact. The treadmills stress the calf muscles. There are many players in the market but the best is Nordictrack Treadmill
  7. Ultimate Workout – Studies have proved that exercising on an elliptical machine is equivalent to hitting a treadmill. You have to make sure that you work as hard on an elliptical as you work on a treadmill. In a 30-minute workout, you tend you to lose more calories on an elliptical.
  8. You can Multitask – while working on an elliptical you can catch-up with your favorite TV show, or read a book if you are working with your hands. You can even send and receive e-mails from your mobile or Tab.

After reading the benefits of an elliptical machine I’m sure you would want buy one. The Treadmill is for people who love to run but elliptical is for those who want to work on their entire body that too without getting into a strenuous fitness regime.

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