Reasons to get your breast implants replaced

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Breast augmentation with implants is a common form of cosmetic surgery that many women opt for in order to improve both the size and the shape of their breasts. However, after a certain amount of time and depending on a number of factors, these implants might need to be replaced. In the following paragraphs, we will go over some of the more common considerations that go into a woman’s decision to get her breast implants replaced.

Medical Reasons

One of the most common reasons for breast implant replacement is due to a medical condition known as capsular contracture. This occurs when the capsule of scar tissue that forms around the implant begins to tighten, causing the implant to become hard and distorted. In severe cases, this can be quite painful and may require surgery to correct. Other medical reasons for implant replacement include implant rupture or leakage, infection, and asymmetry.

Aging Implants

Another common reason for breast implant replacement is simply due to the fact that the implants have aged and need to be replaced. Breast implants typically have a lifespan of around 10-15 years, and after this time, they may begin to lose shape and firmness. Additionally, as a woman’s body changes over time, she may want to update the size or shape of her implants to better suit her current body.

Change in Personal Preferences

Many women also choose to replace their breast implants because they have changed their personal preferences and want a different size, shape, or type of implant. For example, some women may choose to switch from saline to silicone implants, or may want to go from a small to a larger size. A cosmetic surgeon Central Coast can help you make the best decision for you.

Revision Surgery

In some cases, women may choose to have revision surgery to correct any issues or complications that have arisen from their initial breast augmentation surgery. This may include correcting asymmetry, repositioning the implant, or removing and replacing the implant altogether.


It is important to keep in mind that breast implant replacement is a surgical procedure that requires recovery time and should be taken seriously. It’s always best to consult with a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon to understand the risks and benefits of the procedure and to ensure that you are a good candidate for surgery.

When a woman is debating whether or not to replace her breast implants, there are many factors that she needs to take into account. It is essential to have a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon if you are considering undergoing revision surgery, whether it be because of a change in your personal preferences, an aging implant, a medical condition, or any combination of these factors. You should keep in mind that breast implant replacement is an invasive surgical procedure that should be treated with the utmost respect. As a result, before you make a decision, you should thoughtfully consider both the potential benefits and risks associated with the procedure.

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