Reasons For Choosing Invisalign

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Not only are improperly aligned or missing teeth unattractive, they can also cause difficulties when it comes to keeping them clean. When it is impossible to ensure the cleanliness of teeth, periodontal diseases often follow. When such conditions take hold, bone loss, gum damage and lost teeth become virtually inevitable.

Braces have long been used to realign problem teeth. But there can be little doubt that older, conventional types of braces tend to be unsightly and cause real discomfort. They are particularly awkward for adult patients, as many associate metal braces with the teenage years. Fortunately, Invisalign transparent braces can serve as an ideal alternative. We asked Love that Smile and they provided the following as just a few key reasons why an individual might select Invisalign instead of more traditional braces:

  1. Visual Appeal

It is hard to dispute the notion that Invisalign braces simply look more appealing than bulky metal braces. Old-fashioned braces are always conspicuous in the mouth and tend to trap pieces of food which may go unnoticed for far too long. It is almost impossible to detect when Invisalign braces are being worn. They are extremely subtle and hard to spot, making them a much more attractive choice for anyone needing alignment assistance.

  1. Physical Comfort

Invisalign braces are removable, in stark contrast to conventional metal braces which must be kept in place until removed by a orthodontist. Wearers of Invisalign braces have the freedom to temporarily remove them for short spans, making it easier to enjoy certain types of food and drink.

  1. Fewer Injuries

The risk of harm to teeth and gums is far less for wearers of Invisalign braces than for patients who choose traditional metal braces. Conventional braces tend to have sharp bracket edges and wires which are known to cause scratches and puncture wounds within the mouth. Invisalign clear braces are entirely smooth and offer incredible comfort. It is important also to note that typical metal braces have a history of causing demineralization of teeth and subsequent hastening of decay. Such braces utilize heavy force as a means to straighten misaligned teeth. None of these issues are present when clear braces are worn. In the end, Invisalign braces greatly limit the types of harm often done by conventional braces.

  1. Treatment Time Frame

Metal braces can take upwards of five years in order to achieve complete results. However, Invisalign braces are often capable of producing similar outcomes in as little as one year to 18 months.

  1. Predictability

The process of using Invisalign braces is straightforward and clear. Treatment plans for Invisalign patients are computer-aided, providing wearers with concrete information about how long they will require the braces to achieve the results they desire. Conventional braces tend to involve a great deal more experimentation which can still lead to imperfect outcomes.

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