Real Estate Investment; To Do Or Not To Do?

real estate investment

Are you thinking to invest in real estate but are confused? Continue reading this article.

The world we now inhabit is constantly fraught with a power and money struggle between the people. Since the beginning of time, humans have always competed with one another and have tried to acquire more power and affluence to dominate others around them. The desire to consolidate one’s wealth and secure more assets is deeply entrenched in the human mind. People are always looking for ways to invest their savings in lucrative schemes to increase their principal amount by many folds. Real estate is one of the major assets in which people like to invest their savings. 

What is real estate?

“Real property” or “real land” and any resources attached to it, whether they occur naturally or are man-made, is considered real estate. It is different from personal property, including jewellery, furniture, automobiles, and agricultural equipment not physically attached to the land.

Real estate is a vast field with various categories, including land for agriculture, commerce, industry, residence, land, and particular use. Each of these is further divided into subcategories.

Main types of real estate

Residential real estate

It includes land for building houses for people, such as single-family homes, condominiums (such as pet-friendly condos like, cooperative housing, townhomes, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes and single mobile homes.

Commercial real estate

It includes property solely used for business activities such as shops, hotels, offices, storage compounds, malls, gas stations, hospitals, health care centres etc.

Special use real estate

It includes land used for churches, car washes and museums.

Industrial real estate

It includes land used for production, distribution and research activities. Hence, warehouses, manufacturing compounds and data buildings fall in this category.


It refers to a vacant site or undeveloped property. It also includes farms, orchards and woodland areas.

Advantages of investing in real estate

The value of a real estate is always bound to increase

When people purchase items like mobile phones, other gadgets and even vehicles, no matter how expensive they are, their value decreases with time because of wear and tear due to their constant usage. Furthermore, electronic gadgets and vehicles are constantly being upgraded, and people are tempted to buy the newer version instead of, the older one. However, given the right location, real estate property will always appreciate over time because of the increased demand due to the expanding population. With this in mind, taking advice and guidance from professional real estate agents, like those at Royal LePage, or similar in your location, will ensure that any property or land that you view and purchase is good value and best suited to your particular needs. 

Real estate investment is safe

Investing in real estate is safer and does not require in-depth knowledge of the industry. Hence, even a commoner with extra funds can go for it, unlike investing in stocks, gold or cash.  Investing in stocks always carries the risk of losing your entire principal amount because if a company experiences a setback, the investors can sell their shares, due to which the stock price can crash. If you sell your share after this disaster, you could lose your original amount as well. There is no such risk associated with real estate investment.

Real estate investment gives you the charge to do with your property as you please

One you have bought a piece of land, you are at full liberty to do what you want with it. You could generate a source of earning by putting it on rent, or you could build a house on it and live in it. You could also leave it vacant and sell it at a huge profit when the prices go up. You could also use it as storage.

Real estate investment has a boosting impact on the community

While it may seem like a personal benefit, real estate investment is good for the community. The tax collected from your property will benefit the city in which your property is located. If you turn it into a rental property, you can provide temporary housing to families who cannot afford to buy houses. If you construct a large scale project on your land, you will boost the industrial setup around you by purchasing materials from them. You will also provide employment opportunities for so many people as labourers, transporters etc.

Final Thoughts

The Verdict – Real estate investment is considered the safest and ideal way to make a profit on your savings because the land available on this earth is finite while the population is ever-increasing; because of which, the land will always be limited and in high demand

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