Quick Tips and Tricks on RV Generator Maintenance

Generator Maintenance

Everybody who owns an RV generator at home they should have a little knowledge about RV generator maintenance. This will save their machine from dying in a short period. In this addition, we all have an expectation of having our generator available on demand.

But we didn’t realize without following regular maintenance it’s not possible to get this machine available on emergency time. However, proper care and maintenance are must for a machine’s long life.

 Follow Some Simple Tips

You can keep your RV generator in good shape by cleaning outside from it. Most of the times dirt and exhaust builds up outside of the machine. Then it causes to run hot. So when you remove the layer of grime, it allows the heat to escape.

As a result, the machine can run at a lower temperature. In this way each of the time when you wipe it down, it helps the exterior build up from happening and keeps the unit cool. 

Exercise the Unit

First, you need to observe your machine by running under load at least once a month. For instance, turn on the generator and run it for a few minutes. In the time between don’t turn anything in your RV on. Then leave the machine under load for up to two hours or more.

In this time, it needs to keep at 50% of its total watt. At the final stage of exercise again you need to run the generator off-load for few minutes. So if you continue this process for each month this will save the motor from falling down and keep working for a long time.

Requires Changing the Oil

Your generator is also like your car that being the case you need to change its oil regularly. For changing the oil, you need to access the drain plug from underneath the generator. Then remove the drain plug to drain the oil into a pan.

After this replace the plug and pour fresh oil into the reservoir’s body. Following the fact, don’t forget to check the owner’s manual. Because some models require synthetic oil whereas some models only support standard automatic oil.

The Cooling Fan Requires to Check

Also, remember you need to check the air inlet system on a monthly basis. Don’t consider only the air filter, henceforth you need to observe the screen, tubes or vents that could allow outside air into the unit. Some generators equipped with a liquid cooling system, in that case, you need to keep the radiator clean from leaves and other junk. Otherwise, your generator might face an overheating issue.

Therefore owning an RV generator is a great advantage for camping days. In order to keep your generators in a good running shape, you have to follow a minimum RV generator maintenance routine for each month.

It’s better to keep a maintenance record that will show the exercise result. Above all a regular exercise and care can live your generator’s operation for a lifetime.

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