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We started this business because we are avid online shoppers, and we had some problems with some of our products and continued to have issues with a load of stuff getting delivered, and the after sales service would be variable or we could not get in touch with whom we wanted, etc. Also we are real Home Nanas, people who love to have friends over and celebrate life together., and we are super foodies, feeding people and sharing the love through our culinary creations have played a big role in all our lives. The partners have a combination of Greek, Hungarian, English, Polish and German heritage and with one of our Tech guys growing up in Brazil with a European heritage we all meshed together nicely, all of us complementing each other well.

We have people onboard whom have owned Restaurants and another whom is a Masters in Engineering, another one of our Partners is a Marketing person, and so together we created this really beautiful synergy and got excited about creating a movement centred on life in and around the Home called The I Love My Home Movement. We are not interested in just selling products, we get joy out of testing all the items, creating the blog, creating new recipes, and manufacturing and designing our own range which we are due to launch in August this year to time with the release of the new Seasons Game of Thrones, and we will also launch our own brand of sustainable created Stationary and Gift Tags.

All of us have an interest in making this business happen and we want to share our successes with our customers, particularly we have a generous Referral program, it starts at 20% and goes up from there for our superstar marketers we like to recognise Loyalty and have a loyalty program offering 40points for all new sign-ups and that is $1 off any product, plus many other competitions and events we will release on a weekly basis. We all really love what we do, and trust we will grow the type of audience we can take with us on our journey!


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